I need help naming a character?

I'm writing a romance story, and I'm having a hard time choosing a name for the female character.

I've considered Taylor, Morgan, Rosa and Sara, but they're not quite clicking with me.

I imagine her looking almost exactly like Hayden Panettiere.

The character is meant to be a total sweetheart, who is basically the perfect human being according to the male character.

I don't want the name too be very complicated - more simple and down-to-earth-ish.

Any help would be terrific.

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    First Names~

    Jane~ Willow~ Quinn~ Evanna~ Grace~ Adele~ Victoria~ Reese~ Olivia~ Paige~ Tabitha~ Lily~ Bree~ Casey~ Natasha~ Maria~ Emily~ Harley~ Rose~ Alexa~ Cadence~ Ella~ Scarlett~ Tiana~ Katherine~ Isabelle~ Faith~ Mia~ Delaney~ Vanessa~ Heather~ Larissa~ Sasha~ Maxie~ Lauren~ Gianna~ Blaire~ Shannon~ Jocelyn~ Lianna~ Hope~ Reina~ Natalie~ Tasmin~ Abigail~ Bess~ Carrie~ Ashlyn~ Violet~ Chloe~ Sage~ Tessa~ Audrey~ Elizabeth~ Sophia~ Cassidy~ Julianne~ Eva~ Brooke~ Gwendolyn~ Celeste~ Samara


    Marshall~ Frost~ Grey~ Shire~ Adlow~ Norman~ Levan~ Archer~ Townsend~ Alcott~ Wynters~ Eckhart~ Jasper~ McBrian~ Owens~ Lake~ Kennedy~ Manning~ Talbot~ Van Wyck~ Roscoe~ Zane~ Trevor~ Montgomery~ Grace~ Foster~ Lord~ Abbott~ Irwin~ Lawrence~ Preston~ Ashford~ Kovac~ West~ Garrett~ Chant~ Hunter~ Lang~ Bass~ Stanley~ Black~ James~ Prescott~ King~ Grant~ Ainsworth~ Stevens~ Brown~ Monroe~ Hale~ Taylor~ Albert~ Sharpe~ Camden~ Wheeler~ Hewett~ Marsden~ Acker~ Barber~ Douglas~ Norwood~ Cheney~ Daly~ Laythen~ Roland~ Floyd~ Hartman~ Orwin~ Lucas~ McDaniel~ Lovett~ Greene~ Devereaux~ Knight~ Neville~ Traille~ Smythe~ Geller~ Baker~ Lind~ Boss~ Payne~ Jacks~ Kenneth~ Clare~ Warren~ Lynch~ Madden~ Watters~ Bell~ Wolf~ Lock~ Fleming~ Barton~ Moore~ Rhosen~ Fisher~ Allister~ O'Neill~ Bailey~ Corebett~ Faraday~ Dawson~ Wright~Crane~ Daniels~ Nott~ Cash~ Fox~ Long~ Hart~ Williamson~ Ross~ Murphy~ Chase~ Parks~ Hollingsworth~ Fletcher~ Thomas~ Novak~ Truman~ Duprée~ Wylde~ Adler~ Quarry~ Morgan~ Reid~ Hall~ Vernon~ McCall~ Cross~ Arrow~ Lane~ Griffin~ Ramsey~ Samson~ Little~ DeVane~ Scorpio


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    I would chose, Dana, Rebecca, Heather or something like that. Old English yet still popular.

    It will have a simplicity yet meaning. I would stray from Emma, Bella and the such as it is used in many popular romancish books already. It works but you dont want someone picturing another character when they read your book or story.

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    Amanda, Samantha, Lola, Victoria, Rhonda, Lily, Ivy, Angelle, Daniella

    Hope you like the names! ^^;

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    Autumn Breeze

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    I would recommend Emma, Emily, Elizabeth,Bella,and Samantha. You could also consider naming the character after someone you like, or someone who has made an impact on your life.

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    Heather, Clara, Anna are good ones.

    Best wishes :)

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