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Will Bush go down as the worst President ever?

Do you believe this is the punishment from God for cheating in to the White House with Florida voting debacle twice in 2000 and 2004? In my humble opinion, Bush never won the election and cheated so he never was my President.

"Since 2001," "our economy has faced a recession, the bursting of the dot-com bubble, major corporate scandals, an unprecedented attack on our homeland, a global war on terror, a series of devastating natural disasters. Our economy has weathered every one of these challenges."

And now, there's one more. McCain is roaming in the Horizon to give us more of Bush??? Is this what you supporters of McCain want? Why can't you see McCain is deceiving you guys like Bush did for 8 years! Rich get richer and middle class got poorer?? Where do you stand? If you're the rich then I will shut-up to you guys but to the middle and poor and you STILL voting Bush and McCain???? Even a blind man without eyes can see Bush and McCain are both evil. Why are you guys beyond blind?


Oh one more thing I forgot to mention, Gas prices went up from $1.10 when Clinton left office to almost $5.00 dollars all on Bush's watch.

Update 2:

To Betty Boop: This is what I mean by blind. You supporters of Repub keep making excuses on Clinton when Clinton did nothing but created surplus, booming economy, strong dollar and friends all around the world without any terrorist attack such as 9/11. Do you not think that terrorists respected Clinton so much so that they waited for Bush to take over office before striking??? If you going to using the analogy of blaming previous president then let's blame everything on GEORGE WASHINGTON! Duhhhhhh.... you're a fool.

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    If you are only going to look at what has happened during the last 20 years or so then you're going to say yes. But if you look at the entire history of the presidency going back over 200 years...Bush will most likely fall into the top ten but by no means be the worst.

    A quote from the referenced article states "In some sense," he says, "most presidents and people like to think how presidents shape history. But really presidents are much more the playthings of historical conditions."

    Walter McDougall, a professor of history and international relations at the University of Pennsylvania, uses two broad criteria to evaluate presidents: One, he explains, is "damage done," and the other is what he calls the "Kuklick yardstick," after the argument set forth in Bruce Kuklick's book The Good Ruler. In McDougall's summary of that book, "The American people call on their president to give them the leadership and policies they want or need at a given time. Hence, whatever smug historians deem later, the only true measure of how 'good' a ruler was must be the opinion of the people he served."Curiously, the Kuklick yardstick could be described either as narrowly a historical (by rejecting the significance of the effects of a presidency on subsequent developments and times) or as scrupulously historical (by the seeing a presidency strictly from within its time). Whatever the case, Three of McDougall's picks for the worst are based on both criteria: James Buchanan (No. 1), Lyndon Johnson (No. 2), and Andrew Johnson (No. 3). Three others earn their spots strictly on the basis of the Kuklick yardstick: Harry Truman (No. 7), Jimmy Carter (No. 8), and Richard Nixon (No. 9).

    As far as saying that McCain is evil and that people must be blind to vote for him...grow up. I'm voting for McCain because I agree with more of his policy stances and his voting record over that of Senator Obama. You can't just listen to what they say, that's moronic! You have to look at what they've voted on, what bills they agreed with and which ones they opposed.

    Regardless of being rich or poor, Obama will raise taxes. He'll have to in order to pay for all the govt programs and heaven help us if he initiates universal healthcare. You think good doctors are hard to find now...just wait until you can't decide what doctor you get to go to since that will be decided for you by the UHC system. The quality of care, quality of medicine, and all things associated will drop dramatically. Don't believe me? Go to Europe and ask them how well the universal healthcare plan worked for them? Or find another country doing it and see how well that's working. Why do you think they all want to come here for medical care?

    What our govt needs is an enema. We need to flush out all the congressmen and senators who have been there more than (oh let's just pick a number) 15 years. That will get rid of the "good old boy" club, it'll get rid of those career politicians, and it will get people who actually know what's going on in today's society into our govt. That way the people can actually have TRUE REPRESENTATION.

    Maybe I should run for office...what do you think? New senator for California? Who's with me? Tell you what, if 5000 people say they'll vote for me and give $1 each (it costs $5K to register with the FEC) then I'll put my name on the ballot for California Senator.

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    Each and every one of your points has a clear positive note to it. Or at the vary least, has change little sinse the Reagan administration. C'mon, job loss ? Lowest and most continuous unemployment trend (currently 4.7%) since 1982 where it approached 10%. Hardly major. You have fallen into the thick media fog. Don't be a mere sheep, follow along blindly, and contribute to the misrepresentation. You have a personal responsibility to look into this yourself and clear away the mist and shed light on the actual truth of things. If you think the media is not biased against everything Bush, your mistaken.

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    Well considering that Clinton done most of the damage that Bush is blamed for I would say that everyone will say Bush has been the worst.

    Just remember that the present president is cleaning up the previous presidents mess the first 4 years they are in office. Just read ANY history book and you will realize this.

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    Hey you know what is funny. People are voting for someone with the exact same voting records and policies (just worded differently) as Bush, so in other words they think the times they are in are just fine. can you imagine how we would be living if the cost of living during the Clinton era were present????

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    Probably not. Richard Nixon was much worse, don't you think?

    And how can you blame all of those thing on the President? There are several factors to consider, and plenty of other people who could help shoulder the blame as well. Do we give president Bush credit for good things that have happened? No, I don't think so. If you're going to blame him for the bad, then you have to also give him credit for the good, right?

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    Can't say worst, but I am sure histroy will record him as being one of the worst.

    OLDMARINE08, you are scary, all those things you note, are horrible negatives and mostly about invasion into peoples lives, very un-American. "Rallied a Nation"???, Try destroyed and divided a nation, look at us, we are throwing insults back and forth at each so fast there is no time to duck. The terrorists have already won, they have divided us against ourselves. We need someone who can bring us together as one people and neither of these canidates can do that.

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    Republicans and the right wing have been very good at shaping peoples perceptions through fear, scapegoating and pack mentality in order to get them to support them whoever is running, and whatever they are saying. If they put a fish up for election it would get a good % of the nations votes, it's sad but true.

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    Wilson was the worst, he created the corrupt FED banks who rob the American people and drive us into debt. A den of thieves.

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    Buchanan might keep the record for bad presidents, but my money is on George W. Bush.

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