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My Forskin Doesn't Pull Back?

I have come to believe that the foreskin is meant to pull back fully during masturbation but mine doesn't. my foreskin is attached to the head by a small piece of skin, should i break this myself before i have sex or just wait. the head of my penis is very sensitive to touch. i am 14 and 5 3/4 inches does this matter? my friends have never complained of this problem and most claim to be a bit bigger

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    Your foreskin doesn't need to pull fully back during masturbation. A lot of intact boys enjoy the sensation of the foreskin gliding over the glans underneath. It should eventually be able to retract fully for you to have normal adult sexual relations, but that time may not be yet.

    Before I go on, let me warn you - do NOT try to break or rip anything that seems to be stuck with your penis. This kind of thing is rarely necessary, is very painful, and will cause you more problems than you have now. I'm not sure from your description exactly what your difficulty is, but there are several possibilities:

    When you are born, your foreskin is naturally stuck to the glans underneath. These parts grow apart as you get older, but sometimes they remain partly attached into late puberty - even age 17 or so. If your foreskin is staying attached to a late age, it's a bad thing to rip it apart - you could damage the sensitive tissues and possibly cause the foreskin and glans to become abnormally fused. Wait for them to separate naturally.

    The most common reason boys have a non-retracting foreskin is that the opening if the foreskin (the frenar ring) is not stretchy enough to allow it to spread open. Check to see if what you think is an attachment is really just this tight ring. If it is, you can fix this by stretching it yourself. Roll your foreskin forward over two fingers and spread them GENTLY apart. Only go a little bit more each time, and be patient. Don't spread so far that the skin breaks, bruises, or bleeds. You can do the spreading exercise in the bath or shower, when your skin will be moistened and more pliable.

    If the small piece of skin you see is on the underside of your penis, that is called the frenulum, and is perfectly normal. Yours may be a bit shorter than it should be, and is keeping your foreskin pulled up toward the top of your penis. Try gently stretching this skin bridge to lengthen it. Do NOT tear or rip it. If stretching this bridge is unsuccessful, as it sometimes is, you will need to have a doctor do an operation to lengthen it.

    You may have been injured through accident or by someone trying to "help" you by pushing your foreskin back when you were younger, trying to separate it before it was ready. When this happens, the torn surfaces can grow together and not be able to separate naturally. If this is the case, you will need a doctor to separate them, but be careful that it really is unnatural adhesion before you seek this. Some doctors will separate naturally fused foreskins by ripping them loose because they think some arbitrary deadline has been reached, and then you will have created the problem you were trying to correct.

    It is normal for the head of your penis to be very sensitive now. It has been covered up all your life. As it gets used to coming out into the open, the sensitivity will grow less. As it comes out into the open, you need to get in the habit of washing all of it that shows with water every day. You don't need to use soap, but wash away all the material you find accumulated in there. It's called smegma, and it's a natural combination of moisturizing fluid from your foreskin and dead skin cells. Now that it is being exposed to the air, it can become contaminated by bacteria and dirt, and cause irritation or infection.

    Being 5.75 inches at age 14 is perfectly normal. You have time to grow larger, and probably will. Some of your friends may be larger then you, or they may be just bragging. If they are really larger, it means nothing. They aren't "better" than you, they're just developing naturally according to their own schedule, just as you are.

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    The small piece of skin connecting your foreskin to the head is called the frenulum, and is supposed to be there! Do not try to break it!

    It sounds like your foreskin is a bit too tight, which can usually be self-treated privately at home. Once the head becomes more exposed and you "use it" more, the hyper sensitivity will reduce.

    There are a number of ways to cure a tight foreskin without getting it removed.


    The vast majority of tight foreskins can be suitably loosened within a month or so by persistant stretching twice daily. Be patient and disciplined to do it regularly, and it'll be worth it in the end.

    The below website has good instructions:


    If the stretching shows no significant improvement after a month, you should get a prescription for betamethasone cream.. Apply this to the tight foreskin inside and outside a couple of times a day for a month, combined with the manual stretching.


    If the above methods fail outright, you should look into a minor operation called a preputioplasty, where a relieving incision is made in the tight ring limiting the foreskin retraction. It takes a couple of weeks to heal and should cure any tight foreskin without removing your entire foreskin and its sensory qualities, which is what a circumcision will do. Circumcision is an irreversible and rarely necessary procedure, so make it the last resort.

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    There's natural adhesions that can prevent the foreskin retracting as in an infant, but those usually aren't a problem by teens. The piece of skin that you mention is the frenulem. That's normal and supposed to be there. The only time it's usually removed is when someone is circumcised, although not always.

    The glans will be sensitive to touch at first, since it's not used to being exposed. With regular stretching the foreskin should become easier to retract and that would be an advantage during sex, since tight foreskin would be painful and it's also helpful to retract it to be able to wash the glans when showering.

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    lol you break that, and no amount of orgasm would take away the feeling of unfathomable pain. Theres a reason infants are circumsized...thier skin has more anesthetic compounds than ours, so they dont feel the full power of the pain. As teenager however if you try to "rip it out", oh my god...i cant even say.

    Just imagine someone shooting a bullet...into your butt. I think thats good comparison =D

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