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About 100 metres from my house is Mobile/cellfone mast 75 metres high. Is my house safe from lightning?

The house is about 15 metres high

What I mean is: would the phone mast get the lightning strike ?


Thanks to you guys for all the lovely info!

I didn't know the one about you hair standing on end.

My G/F doesn't want me to move away from the mast: she said....

"I like the way your Balls light up when you use your cellphone!"

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    Lightning hits a higher point rather than a lower point. If there is lightning about, it will hit the highest point in the way of it path to earth. If there is a church steeple which is higher than the mast, the steeple will be hit. If there is a skyscraper nearby, it will be hit by any nearby bolt of lightning at the point of its lightning conductor, which will provide the easiest and quickest and safest path for the lightning to reach the earth.

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    I agree with deadloud. You are in fact at a very safe place. Most likely the mast has also a lightning ground wire.

    I have no data for communication masts but being a long time sailor, I once read the following:

    If lightning is to strike at sea within a radius equal to you mast, it will hit it, otherwise, it will hit the sea.

    If your mast is grounded (e.g. electrically connected to the keel and sea water) then the radius is one and half the height of the mast.

    Being a wise man, I did this: I have a thick copper plate that goes between a bolt of my keel to the foot of the mast but with a few millimeters space between them. That way, the mast is electrically isolated from the keel and the "ground" but if lightning should strike it, the discharge will jump that gap like if it didn't exist. Because the best way to avoid damages is to lead as fast as possible the lighting to the ground.

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    You're asking if the cell tower will act as a lightning rod to protect your house. Sorry but your house is too far away. A lightning rod protects the area within an inverted cone projecting in all directions under a 45 degree angle from the top. That means to be protected, you would need to be within the same horizontal distance to the tower as the tower is tall. In this case, 100 metres. However, if a storm is approaching from the other side of the tower, that tower could cause a lightning discharge before the source reaches you. If you feel your hair stand on end, inexplicably, during a storm, hit the dirt!

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    if? a lighting strike were to occur within a few meters of your house it will always go for the easiest route to earth. this may? be for example a drainpipe attached to your home but it is much more likely to go for the metalwork on the phone mast.

    this will act like a lightning rod or strip and be far easier to track to earth than any drainpipe pipes. If you look at historic strikes they rarely actually hit houses.

    A single object such as a tree in a field tends to draw a lighting bolt far more than a group of buildings. I would feel are from lighting having it nearby. There is a downside to a phone mast which is currently being argued over and that is a possible link to excessive energy beams from microwave radiation form phone masts giving rise to concerns over cancer incidences. I would avoid any house near a mast.

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    The best answer is that lightning will strike the tallest thing first. That is why you shouldn't stand under a tree in lightning. Generally speaking your house should be safe enough not to worry about. Freak things do happen but I wouldn't worry about this one. FYI if the hair on your head or body stands up when it's lightning, RUN. Lightning is much too close and you REALLY need to get as far away as fast as you can. Don't stand there thinking what fun, your hair is standing away from your head.

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    Is 15 meters higher than 75 meters?

    Does lightning come from above and not below?

    Does lightning go for the quickest way to ground?

    These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

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    Safer than most, lightning will take the easiest path to Earth .. ie. the phone mast.

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    Not if the storm was above your house and heading towards the mast when the cloud decided to discharge

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