Why does the left hate fox news?

As an independant, I am a little at a loss for words as to why so many people on yahoo are hating on Fox. I've watched Bill O'Reilly's interview with Obama and thought he was quite fair in his questioning. How long has this hate been going on? What did I miss? I have not payed too much attention to politics over the last few years. I usually start following things once the conventions begin.

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    The left hates Fox News for the same reasons that the right hates main-stream news(left leaning?) channels(CNN,ABC,NBC....etc.)

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    A liberal bias in mainstream media (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN) had so infiltrated the public conscious that when Fox News came along, the left was shocked.

    O'Reilly is a small-c conservative, and as such, regularly calls out Bush, big oil and others. There is no other show on any other network that is as clearly balanced as Hannity and Colmes. As far as Fox News' straight news reporting (as opposed to those two examples which are editorial or opinion shows) cannot be faulted for any bias.

    Evidently, there was a huge audience of people tired of liberal bias and they have made Fox News the most successful cable news channel by far (though they still lag behind broadcast news in audience share).

    It's that success that has liberals angry/scared, and it's been going on since Fox News launched in 1996. Liberals also are angry/scared because Fox News was begun by Rupert Murdoch, a conservative, and is run by Roger Ailes, who used to be a Republican political strategist.

    Of course, the whole thing is irrational and points to liberals' desire to control the media as they did before the poorly named Fairness Doctrine was repealed for violating the First Amendment.

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    The left hates them for many reasons...most of all is that they are FAIR AND BALANCED...they REPORT both sides of a story..not just the liberal side as do MOST U.S. "news" agencies....They REFUSE to cater to the left. Another reason is they are PROFITABLE....While many left wing stations are going bankrupt or cutting back on news Fox is expanding due to its ratings...(#1) in most markets. They REPORT the news....others make political commentary of a liberal nature on it...People want to decide how the FACTS present something not be led by the nose as the press has tried....The most blatant of which lately has been the OBVIOUS push for Obama to the White house...as a Conservative, I watched as they favored him over Hillary even though she had more knowledge and experience...Now the liberal stations regularly attack McCain even in their non-news shows....They are getting desperate as the polls show Obama sinking faster then the Titanic....

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    The libs hate FOX because they want to own every outlet. Having one voice that offers another viewpoint is one too many.

    One reason FOX looks so conservative is that you're comparing them to networks that are so far off the charts liberal. Even if FOX was centrist they'd look far right by comparison.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I watch all of the networks

    CNN last night did an article about Joe Biden and some of the "facts"

    he was CORRECTED ON BY CNN and called out for

    Even though CNN may SLANT slightly democratic, they will at least

    railagainst democrats when they are in the wrong


    say anything negitive aboput the G O P


    Larry clark included

    it was all the dems are crucifiing him crap

    be REAL


    AND WON !!!


    www.relfe.com/media_can_legally_lie.html -


    JUST google Fox sues for right to lie

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    The left hates Fox news because they pander to social conservatives by over sensationalizing, and focusing on issues that distract from larger ones. In the end they are just playing to their audience, but at a certain point many people think that their lack of reason, and fear mongering is irresponsible.

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    fox is not kissing up to the left. all the other media stations are eating up obama and calling mccain names and everything else. just watch the other stations and see how much obama promoting and mccain smearing is going on. its really sad they should be reporting the news not trying to get their canidite elected.

  • Irv S
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    Fox doesn't buy the 'Left"s spin without questioning it.

    They hate that. they feel everyone should just fall in line without question.

    Sound familiar?

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