finding an inmates release date.?

How can I find out an inmates release date at san quentin state prison.

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    My ex-husband has gone to every jail known to man (thus, he is now my ex

    Stay strong.

    Talk to some one a remember you are not the only one going throught this... here is some info that helped me when I did it...

    Best wishes!

    San Quentin State Prison:

    To write to an inmate, or send a package through an approved vender:

    Inmate Name, CDC #

    San Quentin State Prison

    San Quentin, CA 94974

    For general prison business:


    San Quentin, CA 94974

    (Attn: Visiting Sergeant, etc.)

    Various phone numbers and contacts for SQ:

    Main Number- (415)-454-1460

    Visiting Department - (415)-455-5022 (to schedule a NON-CONTACT visit)

    Reception Center Info- main number, extension 5372

    Associate Warden's Secretary- main number, extension 5459

    Warden's Secretary - main number, extension 5000

    For all other departments, call the main phone number and press "0". You may then ask the receptionist to transfer you to a specific department. (ex: Mailroom, inmate records, receiving, etc.)

    Useful Miscellaneous Phone Numbers:

    Inmate Locator = (916) 445-6713

    Visiting Hotline = (800) 374-8474


    The best web site that helped was Its a forum of women, men with love ones in prison and they can help you get info, talk and vent... Trust me as time goes on... you will need to remind your self you are not alone.

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    Date Release Inmates Finding

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    Source(s): Criminal Records Search Database -
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    Source(s): Find inmate release dates and records at BACKGROUNDTOOL.COM
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    Source(s): Finding an inmates at FREEPEOPLESCAN.COM
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    San Quentin Inmate Search

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    This Site Might Help You.


    finding an inmates release date.?

    How can I find out an inmates release date at san quentin state prison.

    Source(s): finding inmates release date:
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    You can go online and pull up the information on each prison but I am not sure if it shows release dates you may have to call the prison for this. They should be able to provide that information i believe it is public information

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    it's generally public information in California. I'm not sure about the prisons, but you can just call the jails and ask. they will tell you everything- court dates, charges, release date, etc. call them and try.

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