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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

is chinese field day hazing?

our rooms are clean but our co goes through like everyweek and inspects like a nazi( excuse me if i offend anyone) and because they are not to her liking some ncos suggest chinese field day isnt that hazzing


ok we are keeping our rooms clean once again, and chinese field is taking everything out of your room an cleaning an some of this stuff is impossible to move

Update 2:

for your info wanye c we do do what we are told and we do clean everything, unlike you who probable live off base we get ****** with for anything and im not a ******* private

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    I had to look at your profile to figure out the full extent of your problem.

    1. You are a Marine in Okinawa.

    2. As such you should be aware that regardless of what name is used to describe a serious cleaning it is simply cleaning.

    3. You have also been in long enough to know you do what your told.

    4. If you clowns are not smart enough to to clean all the hidden spots she checks volunteer for some fun place like the Middle East. I will guess they don't expect dust removal in the desert.

    Thank you Private, you just proved to the world that you are in the wrong business!

    I would call you Gomer but he was actually a good Marine!

    SSG US Army 73-82

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  • 3 years ago

    Chinese Field Day

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    never heard of this in the military, I have heard of the SMG making the soldiers move their beds and sweeping behind them, I have hear dof the 1SGT kicking a waste basket full of trash all over the room becaus eit was suppose to be emptied during inspection, DAH! and then the pizza box that was left as well was thrown acrossed the room by the NCO. If you do nto keep your barracks room clean, they can do almost anything, you have BOSS and you have IG and EO< if yuo think it is a bit too much and they can tell you if it is, but if you are not doing your job, well then...

    Source(s): Lucky you did not have my husbands CO for PT, he use to run the troops six miles then make them role around int he mud and then run them in the sewage creek and then role int he mud again and go home.
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