What is the importance of roads?

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Travel, communication links and probably most important-- trade!
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  • rizalways123 answered 6 years ago
    roads are present in our world during the prehistoric times onwards
    when elephants and other large animals take same path towards a river every day the forest clears up and becomes a road the more frequently its used the more the plants are cleared and makes it better
    now the demand for smoother roads came after the invention of wheel
    now thats history part now importance
    1) transportation
    3)infrastructure development
    4)exchange of goods and services
    thats all i can think off hope i helped
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  • Tad Dubious answered 6 years ago
    They increase a population's mobility. For example:
    to get crops to market;
    to allow people to seek medical attention;
    to move goods and services;
    to open recreational and employment opportunities;
    the Interstate System in the US was also designed to allow stretches where airplanes could land in times of national emergency;
    they allow people to easily evacuate in times of hurricane;
    there are many, many more reasons roads are important.
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  • hello answered 6 years ago
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  • Precious Gem answered 6 years ago
    Roads make traveling easier from place to place. They provide states something
    to tax drivers to use.
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  • wolflady answered 6 years ago
    so you can get from A to B doh!
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  • Bob answered 6 years ago
    we need them to drive on
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