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Who should I contact about the design and fabrication of a sleek modern day form-fitting armor, much like ..?

medieval style armor? Any firms?

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  • Ron B
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    Well, actually it was the Crossbow that led to the demise of armor, that being said, modern body armor (Kevlar, Spectra, Aramid and Dyneema ballistic fibers, ceramics, etc) are all used by a variety of manufacturers. Here is a partial list;

    American Body Armor

    Armor Holdings

    Armored Solutions, Inc.


    Atlantic armor

    Be Safe International

    Bodyguard Inc.

    C.P.E. Production

    Defenshield Inc.

    First Choice Armor and Equipment

    Force One LLC

    Gator Hawk Armor Inc.

    Gall's Inc.

    Global Armour Highmark

    Lifetek Armor Inc.


    Pacific Safety Products

    Pinnacle Armor

    Point Blank

    Protective Products International

    PT Armor Inc.

    Safariland Armorwear

    Second Chance Armor, Inc.

    Security Pro USA

    T.G. Faust


  • N8
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    I would contact Wayne Enterprise, they did a good job on Batman's suit. Real sleek and form-fitting as well as light weight. :)

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    amour went out of utility with the bullet, now we are looking for bullet prrof (actually resistant) protection like the latest dragon scale vests.

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