How do women masterbate?

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I'm a girl and some times I get lonely so i play around but i can't see how women can u no its easy for men. anyone got tips???
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The only way how you can know its to play with yourself , you know? I meant with this to touch yourself and then you by your own will know what you like and how you will feel to get excited.

Don't be shy its normal too, and all women most of them they masturbate, plus is healthy and help you to interact better the day you beginning your sexual life.

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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good thanks
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  • Kayla B answered 6 years ago
    Any way that makes you get off. There is no specific way to masterbate. If you scratch your head and have an orgasm, keep doing it. Whatever makes you happy
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  • virgo answered 6 years ago
    get a toy!
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  • Jade Loves Dir En Grey ♥ answered 6 years ago
    Flick your bean or grind
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  • kate answered 6 years ago
    just lt yourself go, your body will let you know what you like. tips wont do anything much for you, everyone has there own way.
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  • tks_girl answered 6 years ago
    hey girl here check these websites out you 'll get the hang of it
    good luck
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  • nutritionallyfortified2 answered 6 years ago
    Sounds like a very personal and possibly fishy question.

    Explore your body and you'll find out.
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