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Confederate flag symbolize?

I've heard that the confederate flag has an deep rooted meaning behind hide it of racism, besides representing the south. Is this true?

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    The confederate flag did not represent racism when it was used for the southern states during the civil war. It's original use was simply as a banner to distinguish it's presence in an attempt for the southern states to gain sovereignty. It had no greater meaning than any other flag flown by any other people.

    It became a symbol of racism over the last 30 years as white supremacists started using it as an expression of the desire to suppress African Americans.

    Here in the last 10 years or so, as the flag has been recognized by most as a symbol of racism, the supremacists have shifted their public comments to say that the flag is only a symbol of heritage... trying to give the symbol a more positive profile.

    Regardless of what the flag USE TO represent... today it is clearly used as a symbol of hate.

    NOTE: I was reminded after my post that for the greater part of the last century, when the confederate flag was used outside of the southern culture, it was a symbol of rebellion. We as Americans take pride of our rebellious nature as a reflection of our fight against England to become independent.

    One example of the use in a rebellious sense, was the show The Dukes of Hazard. Though the show was set in the south, it's viewership was coast to coast with thoughts and attitudes unaware of the (at the time) supremacists use of the flag. The car, "The General Lee" was and remains popular as a materialization of rebellion against authority.

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    The Battle Flag of Northern Virginia, otherwise known as the Confederate or Rebel flag is still flown today. There are many other Confederate flags that are flown like the First National Flag "Stars and Bars" or the Army flag, or flags of confederate regiments. Some people believe this flag is evil and stands for hate and slavery, some believe it stands for states rights and many things we want today like higher wages, lower taxes, and idiots out of the government. Some people believe these flags stand for the South and its culture, and some people think its a symbol for being a "redneck", others believe the flag is a symbol to remember what wars bring and how horrible the 19th century was and a sign to learn from our mistakes. Others don't know what to believe because they have never learned a thing of American history. There is really no way to tell which opinion is true anymore, but don't be closed minded and just say it stands for nothing but hate which is not true, I prefer to think it stands for the South and its heritage, and a sign of rebellion against our foolish government.

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    What is interesting is that the Confederate flag is not a symbol of racism, nor the south. The flag of the Confederate Army, "the Confederate battle flag" is.

    After the end of the civil war a number of individuals continued to resits the Union. One of these was the brilliant Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forest, who formed the KKK and used the confederate battle flag as the symbol of resistance to the union, and the freeing of the slaves. But also Missouri raiders and a number of other.

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    u know I'm sitting here reading all these answers and thinking to my self that u can always tell who went to college and who didn't. sorry i know it's harsh but it's true. they are the ones that are saying that the south left because of slavery. and that what the south was fighting for when that is what high school in the north taught them. what they don't realize is that almost all confederate soldiers couldn't even own slaves. so why would they fight for that if they couldn't even own them if they would have won? another thing they didn't teach in high school up north is that the south used free black units from the start of the war some of these units included The "Richmond Howitzers" and among others but unlike the north the south mixed them in with the white troops even Frederick Douglas reported, "There are at the present moment many Colored men in the Confederate Army doing duty not only as cooks, servants and laborers, but real soldiers, having musket on their shoulders, and bullets in their pockets, ready to shoot down any loyal troops and do all that soldiers may do to destroy the Federal government and build up that of the rebels." another thing that people should ask them selfs that should the native Americans or even Irish heritage see the American flag as a racist symbol in there own right look how the north treated them. look at the draft during the civil war and before look slavery was wrong and so are the KKK and the all the other hate groups that use that flag but don't say in general that flag represents hate in all southern people we fly that flag because we want to honor the brave men that fought for that flag a nation that thought they were right by leaving a corrupt government that was imposing more taxes on the south than the north

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    Which "confederate flag" are you referring to, The battle flag, which is the one that everyone has gotten stupid over represented the unity of the southern states during the Civil War, and replaced many individual state flags.. The actual Confederate Flag, known as the STARS AND BARS, which has one white star on a red background and one red horizontal stripe and one red one, was the flag that actually flew over the Confederate Capitol in Richmond Virginia. There there was the Bonnie Blue that is a white star on a field of blue, and looks similar to the original flag of Texas. There all represented the Confederate states and states rights. They have nothing to do with racism and if people were smart enough to remember history and accept what was accepted customs in this country as well as the world in the 19th century they would realize how stupid the conflict over the battle flag is. Removing a flag will not change how people feel and in fact may create more of a break in race relations.

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    People will make, from a symbol, what they will. Some people look at the "Stars and Bars" (the battle flag) and see slavery only. They see huddled wretches and hear bullwhips cracking.

    Others see a concerted and concerned effort to negate the almost dictatorial powers of the Executive Branch of the government. We can see so well today just what the Confederate founding fathers feared: a president who takes the nation to war with lies and deceits, spies on his very citizens without warrants or subpoenas, who literally gives away the national treasury to the very richest Americans, leaving the working people of America, and the working farmers to shoulder the National Debt by themselves.

    More and more, I see the Confederate flags as symbols that the Confederate fathers were right about a lot of things, but slavery is not one of them. To me the flags are symbols of standing up for your rights due any citizen against the nearly omnipotent Chief Executive. The day may be coming when we learn even further lessons from the Confederates about dictators and fascists..

    Source(s): I list this link for information only; I do NOT condone hatred or racial prejudice in any way, though some websites do.
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    im from tennessee and i often see the confederate flag.

    every time i have seen it displayed, it's always represented ones love for the south, with no intentions of racism what so ever.

    people only say that about the confederate flag because a small portion of the confederate army supported slavery.

    (and i would like to mention that many african americans fought in the confederate side of their own free will.)

    some people like to make something nice like a person's love for the south, into something ugly like racism

    andre 3000 from outkast often wears the Confederate flag and he's black.

    he wears it simply because he has love for his home town.

    it's all about the intentions of the person, and us southerners like to make the best out of everything.

    anyone who says the Confederate flag is offensive is just purely ignorant.

    (some people say the same thing about the american flag. that it represents war and such.

    do you think that is a fair judgment?

    i think not.)

    Source(s): nashville girl. born and raised. <3
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    Check out this website. It should answer all your questions.

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