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Names for characters?

Since you are all name experts here was just wondering if you could help me name some characters for a story I'm writing. I pretty much have the main characters set, I just need a few minor ones here are the descriptions:

1. Middle aged woman, tall, elegant, she is an editor in chief of a well known magazine, she is a very important person.

2. Gorgeous girls in their 20's that are friends of the main female character, but not exactly the best of friends, kind of shady and fake. (At least five girls names would be great! I've already used Bianca for one...but if you have other suggestions feel free to tell me. Three girls are white, one girl is asian, and one is black.)

3. My main guy characters name is Christian...not sure if I'm going to stick with it, was wondering if you had any suggestions? He is very tall, 6'4, and muscular with tattoos. He's had a very troubled past, he's a bad boy, rides a motorcycle, kind of cusses a lot, a bit of a thug, but is deeply in love with the main female character. He has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, he's extremely attractive to all types of women, people often mistake him as an Abercrombie model. If you think the name Christian is good enough just let me know. Thank you so much I appreciate your input! :)


Those are all great suggestions...will definitely be using them. I forgot to add if you could suggest some cool last names? It doesn't have to be for these specific characters, just some cool last names in general.

Update 2:

Thats so funny I'm using Hughes and Carrington, and Harris haha similar to Harrington, but I am definitely writing all those down, thank you!

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    1. Eleanora, Minette, Charlotte, Isabelle, Madeleine

    2. Willow, Tiffany, Noelle, Richelle, Shannon, Melissa, Stephanie, Katrina

    Some pretty Japanese names: Arimi, Arisa, Yuki, Haruhi, Midori, Suzuna, Rin, Riku

    3. I like the name Christian =] It's also a nice thing that the name can be seen as the religion but the way he is (thug, bad boy, cusses) is the complete opposite, yet he also shows love.

    Source(s): Just some names that popped into my head as soon as I heard the descriptions =)
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    1. Josephine/ Valarie/ Meredith/ Rosemary

    2. Selena/ Rhea/ Bonnie/ Kelsea/ Krystal/ Cleo/ Hannah/ Willow/ Cassie/ Brandi/ Isobelle

    3. Not Christian. I think Solomon if you want a nice name or go for something 'rebel': Sage/ Pheonix/ Aidan/ Tallas/ Damario/ Harlot/ Drake/ Harbor/ Sonnet

    4. Johnson/ Featherstone/ Davis/ Boyd/ Cunningham/ Cushing/ Davidson/ Mathius/ McKinnon/ Philips/ Pearson/ Lucas/ Sullivan

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    2. I love Bianca, that's cool. Thuy (pronounced Twee) Tran for Asian, Daija (pronounced Day jah) Patrick for black one and for three whites, I like Bianca and for her last name should be Hurston. The other two should be Gina Logan and Athena Roberts.

    3. Christian is cool with Chris for short or to be really different, Keep your first idea and make it Rist for short, lol. I like Ivan. I think that is mysterious. He needs no last name.

    1. I know, why did i do this one last. She's your main character so I want to be careful with this one. I don't know how your storyline is going as far as how they will meet so... How about her name is Corinna (Cori or Cory) for short and last name can be Braxton.

    Just thoughts and Good Luck on your writing!

    Source(s): My wonderful mind!
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    1. Elizabeth, anything regal like a queen or something.

    2. Brittney, Jennifer, Jessica, Allison, Christina (multiple syllables, common names, cause the characters are supposed to be more superficial, common and fake.)

    3. Unless it is supposed to be an irony that his name is Christian and his a bad boy, I'd pass and go with something stronger, like Carter, Logan or Lincoln. One of those last name-first names gives a much stronger, tougher impression.

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    1. female character = Adriann, Caroline, Cathryn or Paige

    2. female friends = Tia, Caitlyn, Shannon, Simone, Raven or Alyssa

    3. male main char. = Christian is a good name but not very strong for a strong character...how about one of these?

    Vincent, Marshall, Austin, Carson or Blake

    Last names =

    Calloway, Harmon, Jackson, Harrington, Coleman, Porter,

    Drake, Palmer, Hughes, Graham

    Good luck with your story...=)

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    1. Scarlette

    2. Carrie, Alison, Julianna, Alexx, Marissa, Claire, Amber, Laurie, Michelle, Tiffany, Christie, Ashlynn, Tora, Lillianna

    3. I like Christian, but theres also Garrett, Nikola (Thats actually a guys name) Jarrod, Austin, James, Steven, Eric

    Sorry, I know my names are all really general names

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    1. Rebekah, Rebecca (however you spell it), April or maybe Ava.

    2. Lauren, Brigette/Bridget, Melanie, Bella, Tiffany, Heidi.

    3. Ryan, Jake or Aaron.

    Enfoy :)

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    Sorry i couldn't help but notice that you have answered one of mt questions concerning baby names ( gemstones )

    Even though you find it extremely funny please look amoungst these names and please view your opinon on them.

    ( you can review my list of names then answer if you like )


    But i thank you for your opinion.

    God Bless.

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