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譬如說stand up

或是give me ur homework之類的

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    1. Stand up, please.

    2. Sit down, please.

    3. Quiet, please.

    4. Come here, please.

    5. Go back to your seat, please.

    6. Are you ready?

    7. Now open your book. (to page XX)

    8. Now close your book.

    9. Listen and repeat after me.

    10. Now spell after me.

    11. Give me five!

    12. Good! Very Good!

    13. Hand in your homework now.

    14. Hand in your homework before this Friday.

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    Any Volunteer? = 有沒有人要回答﹖

    Quiet, please! = 肅靜!

    Please be seated. = 你可以坐下了。

    Stop talking please. = 請不要談話。

    Plesae hand in the assignment by next Monday. = 請於下星期一之前交回功課。

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