Any one has a step by step guide to Microsoft Portal server?

I need a simple, easy to understand, step by step guide to install and maintain a Microsoft Portal Server. I searched Microsoft documentation but its absolutely useless. leads to no where and for everything you need to refer to some other document.


Sorry I meant Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server

Update 2:

Thank you for responding.

I just need to have an Intranet which is updated by IT for information to users and there are areas where end users can upload their information for viewing by everyone else. Also there are some application built in-house that are to be hosted on the Intranet server and the default page of the Intranet will have link to these applications. I guess Sharepoint services would suffice but was not sure and had no clue how to start. Will look into the link you mentioned. Thanks.

Any other suggestions are welcome as well.

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    Microsoft® Windows® SharePoint® Services or Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Portal Server 2007

    here is a link to a downloadable guide if you dont need the 2007 version just look up Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server user manual or step by step guide on some search engine. hope this helps

    it will depend on the type of server and which version you need

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