Saddle pad for a Wintec 500?

Im getting back into English so I bought a Wintec 500 AP saddle.Since Wintecs are synthetic(slick) my saddle slips around on the pad.I have an awesome Western pad that sticks to the saddle so it doesnt slip around.Has anyone used an english pad that is made out of the same foam with a Wintec? What do you use?

This is my western pad

This is the pad I have right now thats slips

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    Ahh yeah those dressage pads slip really bad no matter what saddle you are using. I used a fitted white hunter show pad. They are the little ones that look like fluffy cotton sticking out under the saddle.

    Also make sure that you have your saddle fitted correcty. I also recommend using a breat plate to keep the saddle from slipping around. My wintec also needed a riser pad to fit properly. They are not expensive. Here a couple of links.

    Saddle Pad:

    This is a new one that I really like too:

    Riser Pad:

    Good luck! I loved my wintec 500 I am thinking about buying the wintec projumper.

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    I have a saddle pad similar to this one that I use with my Wintec Isabell:

    Just with a different, more fancy trim =P

    But I find it doesn't slip because of the straps at the front that secure to the stirrup leathers, and also how the girth passes through the loops on the bottom edge.

    EDIT: hrrrm the link won't go direct to the page I am talking about. To see my saddle pad, click "saddlery" then "saddle pads". The one I have is on the bottom of the first page. The "Deluxe all purpose saddle pad"

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    Does the saddle move on the pad, or do the pad and saddle move on the horse? If it is only the pad moving, then you should find that at the end of your exercise session, that the pad has moved to one side or to the back of the saddle, if it is in the same position as when you started, then it is the pad and saddle that are moving. If you are coming into spring or summer, then you may find that it is the amount of hair that your horse is loosing that sticks to the pad and makes it slippery. In the end, it doesn't matter how or why, just as long as you and your horse are both comfortable and safe. Happy riding.

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    The Pro and 2000 versions of the Wintec saddles and way more expensive and of a much higher quality then the 250, and 500 versions of the saddles. They are made of Equisuede and are quite possibly the most comfortable saddle I've ever rode in. I own a Wintec 2000 AP saddle w/CAIR and new it cost between 600-700 dollars, depending on whether or not you choose CAIR panels or traditional flocked ones. My 2000 has real leather billets and I use synthetic Stirrup leathers. Theses are awesome as they don't stretch and you don't have to worry about punching holes in the leather because you can no longer get your stirrups even. Its true that they probably don't retain their value as well as traditional leather, but they don't rot or harbor bugs like them either. They are also completely water proof if you do any trail riding or you just plain like riding in the rain, when all my friends head back to the barn I'm still out prancing around. $800 dollars is the actual price of the saddle because I have debated on whether or not to buy the 2000 AP or Pro Dressage saddle. If it is in superb condition I'd offer around 500 dollars depending on whether or not it comes with the fittings. Also as an advocate to the CAIR panels my horse is an OTTB who has head about 7 months off an lost all muscle he has been back in heavy training for HJ and Dressage for the past 2 months and has not be back sore at all, and I started him back in my Wintec. Though you aren't supposed to use CAIR panels with multiple riders using the same saddle and on a lot of horses. If you switch the saddle to different shaped horses all the time and ride multiple horses in the same day it can cause back damage, because the air becomes compressed and becomes very hard. So if your riding the same horse and its just you riding in it it is fine. Also this isn't saying you can switch the horse its used on because it will reshape it self if you start using it constantly on a different horse. If yo have any questions about Wintec just email me I did a lot of research on them before I bought mine.

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    I do not have a wintec but none of my english saddles slip. You could use a support pad or a breaststrap.

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