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Info on Brazil? Culture, food, sports, people etc.?

Hi. I need some help on information about Brazil. It's a project I'm working on. I'm looking for info that only locals would know or any travel stories would be cool too.

So, I need some help about the following:

The people:

- What are they like? (please don't just say "friendly")

- How to they act with foreigners/visitors?

- How do teens in Brazil act? What do they do for fun?

- How do people greet each other? Gestures, actions etc.

- What's the social scene like? Nightclubs, night life; dating etc.

- Any other facts would be great.

The Place:

- Beaches - what are they like? What's the surf like? Best places to surf?

- Climate and weather?

- Need info on Salvador most especially, but info on Rio, Copa, Sao Paulo or anywhere else would be great too.

- What are the towns/cities like?

- Places for sightseeing? Trendy places, shops?

Culture and Food:

- Any traditional customs?

- How do people dress normally? What's considered casual / formal?

- Local dishes / delicacies? Common snacks etc.

- Carnival - where is it usually held? What does it involve? What do you see?

- Music and dance ~ what kind of dances? What music?


- How big is capoeira really? Can you see locals doing it on the street, on the beach or wherever?

- Football? Street soccer? Who, what, where?

- other commonly played sports?

I think that's all I need at the moment :P

Thanks to all who help!

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    Ok! I'll answer your asks.

    At first, I'd like to say you I'm Brazilian and you will see a view of a person that born and live here for years!

    The people:

    - We are cool people. We are people that work so hard; we are funny people (sometimes we're bored, because of the stress of the day by day). I ever say the Brazilian people is not a people that like of soccer, Carnival, beaches only! We ever fight for a good future to us and our future generations.

    - Well! Everybody is welcome here. By the way, this is one of the little countries in the world that any person is welcome. I will say some countries that I suppose the most of us likes: Mexico, Portugal, France, Japan, Italy, etc... I think the countries that unfortunately many people don't like so much are the United States and Argentina. Argentina because of the soccer and United States because several things as the Iraq War and George W. Bush. It's not because of the American people (no way), but because of your president! Got it? By the way, we hate war! We think that everything can be solved in conversations.

    - The Brazilian teens have a slogan: "Live today without thinking in the future. The future belongs to God!" As a matter in fact, very teens don't think in the consequences and they make wrong things. Fortunately we have teens with the "head in center".

    - If there are 2 men: shake hands./ A hug with a little slap in the backs (if they are friends).

    If there are 1 man and 1 woman or 2 women: 2 kisses (one at each cheek)/ a squeeze hug (if they are friends).

    - The social life in Brazil is a normal life. Dates, shows, bars etc. It will depend of the person.

    The place:

    - You can find many kinds of beaches in Brazil: beaches with blue sea, green sea, crystalline sea; river beaches, sea beaches; sexy people in the sand; sun, trees, sand, and fresh water. The surf in Brazil is not like Hawaii, for example, with big waves. Because here there aren't waves like that size. The surf is more practiced by men than women. I think the best places to surf are: Búzios (Rio de Janeiro), Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro), Fernando de Noronha (Pernambuco).

    - The climate and weather will depend in which region you are: Amazonia (North Region): it can stay until 40º C and almost ever rains there.

    Northeast Region: It will depends! Usually in the bigger metropolis of the region like Salvador (Bahia) can stay until 35º C. The other cities like Aracaju (Sergipe), Maceió (Alagoas), Natal (Rio Grande do Norte) etc can stay between 25º to 30º C. This is the Brazilian's favorite region to go to the beaches (by the way, the most beautifuls of the country). It rains a little in the litoral and it's hot in the center of the region.

    West-Center Region: It's a mix of dry and wet. It stays between 30º to 40º C.

    Southeast Region: It will depend where you are. If you are in Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo or Minas Gerais, it can stay until 40 ºC. But if you are in São Paulo, prepare for the change of weather any hour.

    South Region: It's the coldest region of the Brazil. If it's summer, it can stay between 22º to 35º C. If it's winter, it can stay between -5º to 23º C.

    (I think the other questions I answered in one)

    Culture and Food :

    - We like to celebrate the Carnival, Saint Anthony's Day, Saint John's Day (the Batist), Saint Peter's Day, Independency Day (09/07th)/ Christmas and the New Year.

    - If it's a hot day and you're at home, the people like to wear a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. But if we have to go out, we dress a basic blue/ black jeans, jacket, blouse etc. If it's a woman, she customs to wear a dress/ jeans, blouse etc...

    - We like to go to restaurants, shows, bars and the mainly: the malls! We like to eat at the breakfast (7:00 or 8:00) a breas with butter, cuscuz (it's like a cake made with corn flour, salt and water) etc. Lunch (12:00): we love to eat bean with rice, meat, salad and juice. Dinner (18:00 or 19:00): bread with butter, cuscuz, bean with rice etc...When we go out to have fun, we eat and drink fries, hamburguers, popcorn, sweets, beer etc...

    - Carnival is the bigger party of the world. It involves music, food, beautiful people, Samba Schools, Axé Music etc...

    - We like Samba, Pagode, Forró, Axé Music, Rock, Pop, Techno, Dance, Romantic, MPB - Música Popular Brasileira (Brazilian People Music) etc...


    - Capoeira is a fight that we have transformed in a sport. You can find more in Capoira Schools. In the streets it will be difficult! The only place that you will find the Capoeira easialy is in Salvador (Bahia).

    - Soccer? It's like the basketball to the Americans. Almost everybody like. You can see the called "Pelada" (anonimate games) easialy in the streets. I don't like so much. I like more the second bigger sport of the Brazil: Volleyball.

    - We like the swimming, basketball, surf. Some people like the Track and Field and the Marathone too.

    I think I helped you. If you would like to do another question, you c

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  • 1 decade ago

    1st - Brazil is a larger country (in continuous lands) than the United States .

    2nd - Brazil was colonized by several different people, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Germans, Poles, north American, Japanese, Italian and other.

    Like this being depending on the area where you you to research you will have different habits.

    3rd - Some of the largest cities of the world are in Brazil, São Paulo is 1/3 larger than New York.

    4nd - Rio de Janeiro is of the size of New York.

    See all information.


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  • 1 decade ago


    It's a lot of questions! So I hope that I can help you...

    I've already answered a question like that, so I copy it!

    "As a Brazilian, I have to say that Brazil is a unique place in the world! Besides the carnival, soccer, and samba, we have other interesting options and things to do!

    Our music is very rich, and is well known worldwide because of artists like Tom Jobim, Sergio Mendes, Toninho Horta, Milton Nascimento, Gilberto Gil and so many others.

    We also have a tasteful gastronomy, that goes from Feijoada (a typical brazilian dish made of rice and pork) to diferent blends with the italian, african and portuguese cuisines.

    Our nature is gorgeous and full of green and exotics.

    You could visit some sites for more information and fotos!

    I highly recommend:




    Hope that it was helpful! "

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    You can find the best result of brazil from Wikipedia...

    It gives you the entire information Brazil...


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