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McCain has supported big oil corruption in the form of not paying their fair share of taxes (Meaning you and I are paying Big Oil's share)

In the wake of our current financial crisies, caused by the greed and corruption of big oil, big lobbyists (McCain's campaign is run by 7 top D.C. Lobbyists) like Abromoff and the deregulation that McCain has supported which allowed the investment bankers to rip off middle America and then have the very people they ripped off pay their debts!.

Personally, I don't think McCain knew his support of these corrupt entitties was bringing about this economic crisises. I think he and all the other corrupt people thought they could bleed the system forever with no consequences. Greed does that to people.

But this article shows that McCain is very likely in Big Oil's greasy pocket. Put this together with his involvement with the Savings & Loan scandal and his campaign's desperate attempts to keep the media from his VP "cheerleader" pick and we see the ugly head of corruption emerging again.


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    People know deep in their hearts that Barack Obama is the best candidate to fix this country's economy, gain back the respect of the world like we've always had, end corruption, and for once sticking up for the hard working middle class citizens of America, and not just the rich.

    Please do our country a huge favor, Vote for Barack Obama and we will all benefit from it. John McCain has been working in Washington for over two decades already, he had two decades to make that change but he never did. "Change" became his slogan because he saw how people are hungry for it when Barack Obama started the campaign for change. Barack Obama started the campaign for change on this very presidential election, and not John McCain.

    Now, the Republican Party are demanding to change the format and to have tighter guidelines on this coming vice presidential debate to accomodate Sarah Palin's rookie status, due to their fear that she might get toppled and ruin their chances of winning this election. They even set up for her to have a crash course in Foreign Relations by having a 30 mins. meeting with 7 world leaders in two days.

    God forbid, if anything bad will happen to John McCain, can you really put your trust to Sarah Palin, for you and your family's future?

    Let us make an intelligent choice this coming November.

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    Yes. Seven of McCain's top advisers are lobbyists. He has at least 159 lobbyists running his campaign. I thought he said something about the lobbyist's days being done in Washington. Apparently, McCain does not realize that actions speak louder than words. He is also not a man of commitment or a man of his word. Oh he has done that in the past too. He committed adultery. So, it truly is no surprise that McCain is a part of the corrupt Washington politics. And let us not forget Keating 5 which cost taxpayers billions of dollars. His negative attacks, blatant lies and distortions of the truth are also a part of the same old Washington style politics. McCain is corrupt!

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    Yes he is, if the man is dumb enough to have Daddy Yankee as a poster boy for immigration, and Daddy Yankee is a US citizen not an immigrant, not to mention trying to get votes in Puerto Rico when people that live in puerto rico can't vote for President, then "Houston we have a problem!"

    My 5 year old should run for President, she can read and speak better than Bush or McCain!!!

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    i presumed McCain's concession speech became into gracious, and had he acted like that on the campaign path, i might have had a plenty harder determination of which candidate to vote for. i'm hoping that he can return to the senate and help reform the Republican occasion into what they have been and what they might desire to be, a occasion in choose of economic conservatism and nationwide team spirit, as against a partisan equipment to hold mutually and safeguard ability. i presumed Obama's speech became into inspiring, perhaps no longer his perfect, yet truthfully very reliable. He hit the main mandatory notice, the only i became into searching for, his promise to be a president for each individual, no longer in basic terms his constituency - i think of the tip of divisive 50%+a million governance won't be able to come too quickly. So now all of us have our artwork decrease out for us, people who supported Obama and those that did no longer, and that i purely wish that we are able to place our differences aside (a minimum of till the subsequent elections) and artwork in direction of fixing the various and severe issues that face us all and restoring the U. S. at abode and overseas to the greatness that I, for the 1st time, somewhat sense we are able to realize.

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    I agree. I think if McCain steps in to office, he will just be picking up where Bush left off. I saw a really cool bumper sticker today. "When Bush entered office gas was $1.46...."

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    Oh you liberals, Always picking on poor Johnny. The man has to get money from where, that mean old Cindy put him on an allowance, so he has got to supplement things a bit!!!

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    Yes!!!!! But the people who support that guy REFUSE to see what's so obvious to the rest of us.

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    Of course he is, he's been in Washington for over 20 years

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    Yes he may be, but we'll find out now that the dogs are out hunting

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    we'll in his own words he backed Bush and he help get him elected. They are as close as u can get.

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