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What do you think of the Deathnote imitation crimes?

I was recently reading stories of Deathnote imitation/"copycat" crimes.

Such as the disassembled Caucasian male body found in Belgium or kids in South Carolina, Alabama, or Washington possessing a Deathnotebook, writing the names of their enemies, and getting suspended or expelled for doing such actions.

If you're reading this and wondering what "Deathnote" is, search it up on Wikipedia.

Deathnote is JUST a manga and/or anime, a storyline just made by a "mangaka" or writer. It's not real or anything. Yet, adults think its best to take action to "prevent" their kids from such a story, that will lead them into becoming a hidden mass murderer. Adults believe that this franchise would leave a bad influence on the children, but will they ever see the light and understand when there is already enough bad influence thanks to this generation and more to come? Children who have bought the notebook write out their frustrations out into the notebook, such as the name of their enemies, believing that they will die of a heart attack or whatever action they have written. Adults these days think that to improve their child's life, it would be better to take away or ban the deathnotebook, even though, their life is already "effed up" enough. In one case, a student was suspended for possessing a deathnotebook with his written enemies' names within it, was found by a principal or a teacher. They have said that the student's safety is top priority.... How can you believe such a thing "if" that suspended student was bullied? Kids these days are shy about themselves and do not wish to share their problems with others. Sure, you may argue that its not because they don't share their feelings or anything with the adults, but so as the teacher, principal, or adults say... "a child's safety is top priority" or anything like that, then why are they still feeling pressured and frustrated about their life? It's just a story created by a person for entertainment. I believe that this dispute over "Deathnote" is just a bunch of "bullshit". It's so idiotic to claim that its a bad influence and what not. Especially how the media makes money off this problem such as this one case where a student went on a killing rampage, leaving 10 dead, shot himself, and left a note saying he hated mankind; and then the media "swirls and twirls" the entire story around and add that "Deathnote" is the cause of this. "That's complete ****." Why are others complaining that its because of this one story that this innocent writer has given others a bad influence. People these days such as Adults, the Media, Investigators, and Etc. probably just use this as a "scapegoat" for the crimes that occur. A total misconception towards its viewers.

This rant may seem completely pointless to you or just a way to get more points just to get the next level, but don't you think that it's COMPLETELY pointless for adults, country leaders, and etc. to make a huge fuss over an anime and/ or manga?

Tell me your thoughts on this matter.

Do you agree with me? Am I just venting? Or do you completely disagree with me?

Adults, the world is in chaos already, children are already exploited towards the bad parts in life. And these horrible influences are increasing more and more, and each generation will impact your children more and more because the world is has already gone awry, and yet... You try your best anyways.

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    I kinda agree with you I think. I'm an adult and not a simpleton, I enjoy sophisticated adult forms of entertainment even if they and often even because they examine, portray or try to understand the darker sides of life. A lot of things I do, read, listen to and watch are not suitable for kids but that's not my responsibility. I'll never expose kids to any of it and in a free society that's how far my responsibility should go. The idea to ban certain ideas or cultural expressions to protect kids is a sell out of artistic freedom, a negation of parental responsibility and an end to the whole concept of a free country. Furthermore it simply doesn't work, there's no way to ban anything that could possibly influence some kid in a negative way without resorting to extreme censorship like in the dark ages. Books don't lead people to commit atrocities like that school shooting. Millions probably read the same without getting this idea. The book is not the problem, the individual and his direct social circle is. Apparently they failed him

    Source(s): Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak just because a baby can't chew it - Mark Twain
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