Who here remembers BBS's (Bulletin Board System)?

Before the internet was around people used Bulletin board systems. For the people that know what I am talking about, what was your favorite part (if any) of them? I personal favorite was the BBS game Barren Realms Elite. Oh good times! I actually had a BBS up & running for a while there. Then this internet thing really took off eh. That step between BBS and Internet is probably one of (if not) the most revolutionary steps ever made! Crazy. And I still miss playing B.R.E ;)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I was a BBS sysop at one time myself.

    I first starting dialing up BBS at 300 BAUD!

    The Internet was around then, but not the world-wide-web or browsers. That's what made things take-off - an easy user interface.

    While at college I would communicate with others at other universities via the Internet - but you needed to be a UNIX guru (I was a CS major) and every thing was done in (green screen) text mode.

    Also at that point in time you couldn't get an IP address unless you agreed NOT to use it for commercial purposes.

    While I agree things have improved by several orders of magnitude, I'm not sure they're as much fun.

  • BillH
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    1 decade ago

    My favorites were WWIV and Wildcat. Both were more discussion oriented BBS's. Man, I had a screamin' 1200 baud modem in my 386sx CPU, and EGA video card, 512K of RAM and 40 Mb hard drive!!! Hey, don't laugh! I've still got the hard drive and it works!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I do.

    I used to write software for them... I wrote all kinds of doors... most of my doors weren't mainstream doors, they were customized for many local Sysops that I knew personally. I also ran my own BBS for quite some time, but really enjoyed writing doors more than anything.

    I like playing Legend of the Red Dragon -- the earlier versions, before it got too big and out of hand.

    I also liked Global War. :)

  • eyebum
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    1 decade ago

    another co-sysop here....WWIV was awesome. Our little scene had 3 WWIV boards in the area and I think 2 or 3 Renegade boards. lots of fun.

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  • snvffy
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    1 decade ago

    *sigh* Yep, and there was that crazy speedy fast modem that you put your telephone handset into.....

    Those were the days...............

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