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What's a good way to get a musty smell out of a basement?

I recently had a flood in my basement and a cleanup company came in to clean it up and dry it out. When they were done, it had a musty smell to it that I'd like to get rid of.

What's worked for you?


The basement has been thoroughly dried and the musty smell remains.

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    I see the previous answerers have completely ignored the fact that you have said that the basement is dry. Thus, no dehumidifier would be necessary.

    I would open all windows and doors possible, set up lots of cross ventilation, and use a few cans or bottles of Oust or Febreeze to really tackle the odor. If you can identify where the odor is coming from, saturate it with the Oust or Febreeze and let it sit. Keep it dry and well ventilated and see how that goes.

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    I have had the same issue in my garage and after trying almost everything I found two things that worked the first is of course the dehumidifier. (you can even rent them if needed; but for the money they are great investment. Also come in handy if you have your carpets cleaned or paint in the house as it helps dry both a lot quicker) The second part is an ozone generator, I know the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze devices were all slammed but for getting rid of musty odors they work great.(smoke and paint smells too..) There are plenty of other similar devices out there at a fraction of the cost and I keep both of them running in my basement a few times a year just to keep that clean dry air. The combo of getting rid of the moisture and ozone generator worked for me in the long term. (I got the idea when the pipes burst in my neighbors house they had pros come out and they basically had industrial devices that did both so I just found consumer ones that were cheaper substitutes and didn’t cost anywhere near as much. I think that the combined cost is cheaper than what my deductable is!) Hope this helps..

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    The dehumidifier is right on....plug it in set it to Max and leave it run for 24 hrs in this position; about every 6-8 hrs check the bucket and empty. Inasmuch as it was flooded, you may have to leave it on Max longer, water has permiated those walls/floor good and will not come out in a real quick hurry. Matter of fact, the rafters are probably loaded with dampness. When you finish, think about using it in the house for a while - you'll be amazed at what water you'll pull out. Once the dryness comes back, the smell should dissapiate on its own. I can imagine your saying you don't want to buy a dehumidifier, but it is a great investment, especially in your case. I would recommend the 40 pint model - I have a Whirlpool that I wouldn't trade for anything. Good luck.

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    dehumidifier and get a battery powered sprayer that puts out a burst of deoterizer about every 30 minutes. also get rid of the boxes as they attract moisture. Put all of your extra things in large rubbermaid containers. Even large rubbermaid garbage cans will keep things free of moisture.

    Once the mold starts you have to wipe things down with clorox wipes and pack when dry.

    Most things that make it to the basement are never used again...each year go through a few boxes and see if a garage sale would be best.

    Also paint your walls and floor with white mildew resistant paint

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    hi 'dmitts03' : massive ask your self to me that 'Febreez' does not paintings ! So, first, we will examine out saving that settee . look ahead to any genuine , good warm day . do no longer understand how heavy your settee is or what the climate is like the place you reside , so , you're able to be able to desire help to hold that settee exterior into the photograph voltaic . Your settee should be dried out .... simply by fact ought to is led to by dampness . leave it exterior interior the sunlight as long as conceivable . you will ought to convey it back interior earlier night-fall simply by moist dew result . save taking your settee exterior for as many days because it takes to totally dry it out . If the scent remains there , then, according to danger you should objective spraying it with your popular cologne , after-shave lotion or your spouse's/female buddy's physique spray ( on the grounds that Febreez does not paintings ) . Secondly , what you're gonna ought to comprehend is , that any piece of furnishings which you put in that basement ( interior the basement's present day condition ) is going to alter into damp and pungent ! it could fee you some dollars , yet, turn your basement right into a rec-room .... carpet on the flooring with the cushioning below ( to maintain the dampness down ) .... insulation on the partitions lined by your wide-unfold wood-panelling . I propose , any furnishings , actual now , on your basement is open to the musty scent . in any case , good luck ! i understand this situation is a real soreness !

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    Place bowls of vinegar around the basement. This also works great for cooking odors and smoke. Steaming vinegar works the best. You also could use an air machine with an ionizer. Best of luck!

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    dehumidifier with some candles that is good smelling to you should do the trick. i am not sure though exactly.

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    it's probably because of all the moisture try a dehumidifier

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    check evry where to make sure everything is dry.

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