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how does instant weather change cause illness?

how does being in a cold weather then instantly going into hotter weather make you sick? and what kind of sickness is it called? what are the symptoms of the illness?

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    Your immune system is in constant motion whether fighting the air particles you breathe or the unnatural ingredients in the food you eat. Your body and immune system has to adapt to the constant weather changes and forces an overload sometimes. If today is warm and you go out without a jacket and you are wearing shorts you body adjusts to that. Then if the very next day is cold and you are wearing a jacket and trying to stay warm it throws your body off and its like "WHAT THE HELL!?" So, your immune system is already filtering out the things that come into contact with your body, sores, then adds on with adapting body temperature due to changes in the environment. It leaves an open opportunity for sickness germs to do their thing.

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    each time which you seize the flu or colds, it is by using germs that are airborne. it is why you would be able to desire to consistently wash your hands till now eating. From what my well being care provider has advised me is that a individual can run in the snow bare and not seize a chilly. yet while your immune gadget isn't reliable, you're greater beneficial than probable to settlement a chilly or flu from somebody else. As for sore throats, it is the same with a chilly or flu, different than for while your tonsils are "swelling". yet i'm no well being care provider, so which you will consistently call your well being care provider or call a nurses line and ask them. Ask around, on the grounds which you will see that maximum individuals have a distinction of comments.

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    its not the weather but your immune system..

    the weather might be anything, but when the weather is changing your body is changing as well to adapt and therefore is more venerable to germs...

    try keeping your body temperature the relatively the same to greatly reduce the chance of getting ill

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    Well, getting hot very quickly can overwhelm your body's ability to regulate your temperature and can cause heatstroke.

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