My desktop internet keeps cutting off when I check my LAN settings it something about Limited Connectivity..?

then it says something about renew IP sometimes it works and sometimes it dosent..Like I can browse the net for 5 minutes and then I would lose my connection I have yahoo SBC by the way I dont use wireless although I have wireless. I even tried both browsers Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

Sometimes if I unplug the internet for about 2 minutes it will cut back on it just started doing this today

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Web your computer connects to the network, the computer is assigned an idenitfication number call and IP address. Usually when your computer says it has limited connectivity, it usually means the IP address has been lost and it is looking for a new one. IP addresses are usually assigned by the Internet service provider (in your case SBC) or by your router.

    There may be several reasons you are getting that error message.

    -Your network card drivers software is bad

    -Your network card is defective

    -You have a bad cable

    -Your modem/router is defective AND/OR

    -You Internet service provider is disconnecting you

    A few things you may try doing

    1. Check and see if the cable is connected securely on both ends.

    2. Replace the cable if nessary

    3. Restart you computer

    4. Power off your modem/router for a few minutes

    5. Make sure you modem is properly connected to the phone

    6. Contact your computer manufacture to see if there are any updates to the the network card software drivers

    7. Contact your phone company to see if there are any outages.

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