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If u know alot about professional hockey, baseball, basketball, and football teams in the U.S.---PLEASE ANSWER?

Ok soo......gotta question for ya...

What 3 professional teams in the same state have the same 3 color schemes? (They're all pro. teams, all in same state, it's one of the 50 states) Plz answer this plzzzz

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    Pittsburgh. Penguins, Steelers and Pirates all wear yellow and black.

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    Wouldn't interest me because I don't like spectator sports. Also, if our taxes had to support it, forget it. I suppose if the team brought in taxes on the games & the field was all paid for by the team, it would be ok. If pushed to watch one, my choice would be basketball because at least I've played it & think it's a cool game. A nearby town had a baseball team for awhile, & many people enjoyed going & taking their kids. So, I suppose that was good for families, especially in the summer when kids were off school, & the parents could take off from work one afternoon for a very special day, a mini-vacation of sorts. If I were part of a family with kids, I'd be a good sport & go & enjoy it as a family outing; if the father wanted it to be a father/kid event, that would be fine, too. Still, I'm not going to pretend to want to spend my time that way more than once in a lifetime.

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    Kimmy's got it. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania




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    What Kimmy QOP said

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    The New York Rangers wear blue, white, and red

    The New York Mets wear blue, white, and red

    The New York Giants wear blue, white and red

    The Chicago Bulls, Blackhawks, and Bears all wear black, red, and white

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    Houston Texans, Texas Rangers, and Houston Rockets (no blue)??

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    The Portland Trailblazers wear black red and white and the Portland....hmmmm...ummmmmm....ahhhhhhh.....

    ....nevermind. Damn. We STILL only have one team.

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