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Do you agree with Campbell Brown about the sexist treatment Sarah Palin has?


She just said that the McCain campaign needs to stop treating Sarah Palin like she's a delicate flower who will wilt at any time.

She said this because the McCain campaign won't allow the media to talk to Palin like today with her visit to the U.N. They only allowed her to pose for pictures

She said that the McCain campaign has said that she is ready to be president since she's a heartbeat away from the presidency,and they should show it. She also called them "chauvinistic."

Brown said to said to "Free Sarah Palin",and that Palin is a strong,confident,and capable woman who can handle it just like Obama,McCain,and Biden can.

I actually agree with her.It's absurd how they've not allowed Palin to talk to the media. If she was ready,then she should be able to do address the media. I think she can. She proved in her VP acceptance speech at the RNC like three weeks ago,that she is strong.

I don't like Palin as a candidate,but I like her as a strong woman. It's obvious that she can handle it


@ Michelle S,Campbell Brown never said that. In fact,she praised Palin for giving a VP acceptance speech at the RNC. She said that she was touched when Palin talked about having a special needs child. I don't think she would ever say that on TV

Update 2:

I mean that I don't think Campbell would ever say that Palin is a bad mother on TV

@ demsareidiots,what are you talking about? Biden has talked to Katie Couric and that Kate something on ABC. He's done many interviews so what you're saying is crazy talk

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    I'm glad to see the press starting to revolt over her handling. It's ridiculous that she is nominated for the second highest office in the land and yet she can't seem to handle a press conference. The fact that her handlers are this cautious does nothing but lead us to believe that they know something that many others suspect, that is she is not at all ready for any of this.

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    I know that the McCain campaign is probably being a bit over protective of Sarah Palin, which I suppose is understandable, considering the way the media has tried to come up with anything and everything to try to bury her, but, I think she can handle herself. I agree with you that she is a strong, confident and capable woman, and I feel it's time they let her speak. Yes, she can handle it.

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    I think Campbell Brown would love to tear Saint Sarah limb from limb if she could.

    All the same, the person nominated as VP should be able to deal with the media. Her role as VP is not going to let her run for cover from hard questions.

    If she can not even deal with the press now then how will she ever deal with the shark tank they call Congress.

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    Campbell brown was one of the TV folks who was criticized for being sexist. She is one of the first ones that said How can she be a vice President have a family, that she is a bad mother.

    So she is just trying to shoot down palin any how she can.

    Brown reports news, Palin Makes news. I think she is a little jealous maybe.

    Source(s): Sorry she said it. I watched it myself. That is one of the reasons they didn't get the first interview. This was said before her VP speech at the convention, this was in day one or two when all the crap was coming out.
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    Ms. Brown is talking more like a reporter than a woman in that case. It's VERY clear Ms. Palin isn't even close to being able to handle herself before the press and world leaders. For one thing, she's told so many fibs and gotten so many stories crossed up she probably doesn't know reality from the fantasy script she's been given by now.

    Why else would she be kept from reporters at all costs AND why else would the investigation in Alaska be delayed by McSame?

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    Campbell is just a "Talking Head" for the liberal media. She's just reading a teleprompter.

  • Campbell Brown is biased in favor of Barrack. I turn her off.

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    Yes, if she wants to prove she can run the country, she should start with answering reporter's questions...

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    "Work harder, prove to yourself to an even greater degree that you're capable, that you're going to be the best candidate." -- Guess Who!

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    That's just it Janet, apparently she can't handle it, or she would insist on trying. She is nothing like Hillary.

    If you can't play with the big dogs, you shouldn't get off the porch.

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