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Why do I look so ugly in Photos? Is it me?

How come I look in the mirror, i look alright to myself, but in photos i look terrible! Seriously, Im afraid to take photos because i look so ugly. Is it like a mind thing? Or do i just take bad pictures? Thanks


I Tried the thing with holding the camera far away and zooming in and it looks much better!! These Are all good answers im sorry i can only pick one best

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    Well i used to wonder the same before i started studying photography, i can tell you this could be for 2 main reasons..

    1. you are taking the pictures from the wrong angle, example: if you take a picture of your face from a down angle, you are going to look with a double chin, if you take it from upper angle you are going to look skinnier.

    you also should take a picture of you in every single profile until you find the best for you.

    2. For self pictures put your camera as far as possible from your face and if you wanna take a closeup ALWAYS use your ZOOM, but NEVER put your camera too close because that just gonna make your face look weird. example: a bigger nose, a bigger forehead, ugly lips.

    I hope this helped you!!

    (English is not my first language so sorry if a messed up!)

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    Its all in your head... when you look in the mirror, your looking at yourself in softer lighting and generally only from the same angle. When you take a photo, all the shadowing around your face is eliminated by the flash and it shows another side of yourself that you may have overlooked in the mirror. Play around with lighting and angles if you want some nice photos.

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    ugly photos

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    Hi I am in the north Houston area and my motto is "YOU AT YOUR BEST" Because most photographers try to empress other photographers I don't I truly want you to look at your portraits and say "this is the best pictures I've ever had" Over 90% of the time that's what I get! It is so many things but I agree that the first thing is to be your self and have fun because it shows!

    Best wishes,

    Tara Jerich

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    GURL! I had the same problem,

    but now i only take pictures from my computer's camera.It has literally saved my life! no kiding! It looks almost like mirror, and it has more pixels than a camera or a phone. You should try this!

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    It's just your mind playing tricks on you. The more you believe that you truly look bad in pictures, the more your mind twists the image you see. If you start saying to yourself that you are beautiful inside and out when you feel down, you won't see that illusion. You'll see the beautiful person you really are.

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    what i did during my high school graduation is that I tried thinking that it is like just hanging with friends and not worrying bout the picture so it felt more real and looked better too

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    omg me 2 ill keep an eye on this question

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    Lighting changes everything.

    Human eyes see the world much differently than the camera sees it - because our eyes respond to light in ways that the camera cannot.

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    i'm like that too lol. i guess you're trying too hard to look good or you arent expecting the photo.

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