Rock and Republic Jeans.?

I have a Rock and Republic Jeans{floyd in friction} only damage is the pocket which looks like a destroy edge. and worn once.

how much can i sell this on ebay for??

Update: not that stupid..20bucks??

Update 2:

hey oz..ricky b is doing fine in decided not to sell...just after i posted this question i said to my self i must be im keeping them..thx

Update 3:

birds are always flying lol

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    ......I'm thinkin that you're unhappy with alot of your jeans...right after you purchase's up with that?.......we need to psychoanalyze your underlying subliminal reason for rejecting your new wear them once.....and you don't like them anymore......reminds me of some girls I might try leaving the tags close by...and reattaching them with some proper "rag business' tools that could be obtained rather easily with a little diligence.......either from a store or off the internet............a stapler might not fool have done alot of business with flea markets but things rarely bring what they're worth...good if you're buying......bad if you're in the midwest.....garage sales in good neighborhoods are excellent places to get used clothes for qa fraction of what they "pork" you for new.....sometimes thrift stores if you hit them regularly and know what to look for.......I buy "Hollister' stuff and "Ambercrombie & Fitch " and resell sometimes......I bought a "Coogi" sweater for a dollar and sold it for $40 ( $300 new) the other day.......this might be a viable alternative for the fickle jean buyer......unless your just trying to sell your clothes to pay gambling debts to Guido & Luigi........anyway.....hope this How IS Ricky B ? NYC......any good lookling "birds" in the schoolhouse?......

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    4 years ago

    have faith or no longer...I easily have only come again from Marbella and the community weekly markets in San Pedro & Puerto Banus are flooded with 'mickey' Rock and Republic denims and T shirts - denims are only 12 euros and that they are unquestionably mind-blowing. you incredibly wouldnt understand the adaptation

  • 1 decade ago

    I would start the bidding at $50.00.I've also heard that the best time to list is on a Wed. nt. and have the bidding end late Wed. nt.Good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    ok i would start the biding at 45 dollars and list them as with character

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  • 1 decade ago

    I say about 20 bucks :)

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