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Who will Chuck Liddell fight next? (UPDATED) ?? ?

I haven't watched UFC in a long time because of my busy schedule...

so here are my questions....

Is Chuck set to fight again? if yes, who?

if no, who do you think he should fight next?

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    Chuck Liddell has called out Anderson Silva. It was rumored that they were going to fight a super match but then Liddell ended up losing to Rashad. Things were quite for awhile but Chuck Liddell has called out Anderson Silva again for a fight. Chuck said he wants to fight Silva to prove he still can hang with the best.

    This was featured on Jim Rome is burning on ESPN.(very credible source, he only talks about real documented events instead of rumors)

    Jim Rome basically stated Chuck Liddell is an idiot to even want to fight Anderson Silva!

    This fight might never happen but we do know that Chuck Liddell has called out Silva before his fight with Rashad and after the fight so he is serious about it. We also know that Silva's camp said they would agree to a fight anytime.

    This makes sence for Chuck I think believe it or not. He knows his skills arn't what they used to be. He know's his career is coming to an end but if somehow he can pull out a victory it will show that he is still right up there.

    Anderson Silva said he wants 6 more fights and then retire. So obiviously this fight could happen because both fighters are ending their careers within the next 2 years and want to get paid!

    No doubt if this fight went down it would be the highest selling PPV for MMA ever.

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    He just lost to Rashad Evans within the last two weeks so it will be a while before he is scheduled or even thinks of a fight. I think he needs to hang it up before he ends up a punching bag for the young fighters. Ken Shamrock has already became that. He should have retired when he lost to Rich Franklin but he continued and lost to Tito Ortiz 2 more times and a couple others and now is scheduled to fight Kimbo Slice of all people.

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    He said he won't be fighting for a while probably cause he needs to re-evaluate his status. He's lost 3 of his last 4 fights because fighters have now figured out his style. Liddell needs to evolve (change his style) or slowly fade out of the competition.

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