Are there any PHD programs for Massage Therapy?

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    1 decade ago
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    It would be nice to see PhD programs in the higher education institutions that have an emphasis in massage therapy. Massage Therapy has engulfed the nation's interest within the last ten years (although unwittingly viewed primarily as a punch line), and it would be good to know how that has impacted our society, and how our educational standards continue to be quantified. A PhD is not about learning more therapy hours to become a better trained therapist, it is about taking the next level to identify research opportunities in all aspects of the profession and test theories that do and do not work so potentially better educators of massage, and in turn, better educated massage therapists emerge with a deeper and more focused understanding of how they can continue to impact the development of our health care system over the next 10-20 years rather than just getting by with a few hours of education for that ever so popular "effective" massage. By the way, what effect are we trying to achieve? Relaxation? Deep muscle release? Postural re-training? Energy balancing? Fascial re-direction? Visceral re-positioning? Post-surgical recovery? Hmm, seems like more than a 100 hours of education, research, training, testing and thesis articles to know that for sure. To whom shall we turn for those answers? I sure wish a few more dedicated doctorates of philosopy on massage therapy were available to consider those issues. To get back to the initial question. Unfortunately, no. However, PhD programs in A&P, Kines & Exercise Phys could lend some direction.

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    1 decade ago

    HA! you have got to be kidding.

    You can learn to do massage very effectively in a 100 hour program which would take about 1-3 months.

    No Piled Higher and Deeper in this profession! Even the required 500 hours of training that most states require is over kill.

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