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How many people in the U.S dance?

I need this statistic for a speech I'm doing.

I thought I would easily be able to find it

on the internet but I can't...if anyone knows


thanks :)

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    If you're talking about professional dancers, according to a recent report put out by the National Endowment for the Arts, the number is 25,000.

    "A 21st-Century Profile: Art for Art's Sake, and for the U.S. Economy, Too," by Sam Roberts; New York Times, 6/12/08


    (10th paragraph)

    However, this number does not jive with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which reports that, "Professional dancers and choreographers held about 40,000 jobs in 2006. Many others were between engagements, so that the total number of people available for work as dancers over the course of the year was greater."


    (scroll down to "Employment")

    Otherwise, if you're just talking about people-who-dance, then that number cannot possibly be known.

    Source(s): NEA's "Artists in the Workforce Study" http://www.arts.endow.gov/news/news08/ArtistsinWor... Google search terms: "census dancers"
  • 4 years ago

    Based purely on my observation of dance and dancers of all ages (over the past four decades, I find:

    - Few men like to dance (although a greater percentage of men enjoy music)

    - A much higher percentage of women are interested in dancing (but, most cannot develop the skill or ability)

    - And, each new generation produces less people with natural ability to dance. I fear dance is dying. A shame.

  • 6 years ago

    To the best of my knowledge: The principals of 'Lead and Follow' (couples dancing), there is less the 2% of

    the US population who truly knows how to dance. As far as 'Solo dancing' is concerned, just about 100% of the US population, if they can walk, and they can hear the music, they can dance. Solo dancing is great because you don't need a dance partner. You've got to start somewhere. gltu.

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    Out of 32 mln profiles listed in facebook USA , 1.75 mln have listed that they like dance and dancing in their profiles. Extrapolate the results to the entire population and it means that 5% of the population are consciously considering themselves fans of dance.

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  • 6 years ago

    there are 97 million people who love dance

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