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A book came today and I found a poem to match, Comments?

For TD on reading your 6th Grade 3rd Degree:


You sixth grade principal kept a paddle

My fifth grade one a razor strop

And he, my grandmother's cousin

Determined not to play favourites

As I, coming from the city to

His small rural school

Invariably the boy on the bottom

He used this awful tool

To teach me a lesson or two

Applied to the place where one sits

Employed oft as not by the dozens

To raise up the best of the crop

Who would one day sit tall in the saddle


The first day of Kindergarten, I was given a "readiness test" as a new student entering another school. While the teacher was out of the room, I read the instructions and completed the test. School from then on for me was a bunch of nonsense.

Update 2:

CS, ego te absolvo in nomine domine+

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    My mum held me back a year .. go figure?

    I was put in a classroom of 8 grades and was BORED

    one teacher would twist ears when a kid messed with him

    Another carried a thick ruler and did knuckles,

    Bar soap was a preferred remedy for naughty mouth

    I would sit and write the 8th grade spelling test with them.

    I aced it, but they never moved me forward.. I was bored to tears.

    I did manage to graduate and go out on my own in spite of myself.

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    Sad but unfortunately accurate. I believe that public schools today are the mirrors of our neighborhoods. Perhaps the trouble with the world today is that we are educating many children and not enough parents. I have experienced lately that education is treated as an attempt to fill up the child's mind instead of opening up them up to so that they can distinguish between poh poh and real learning. Regrettably most teachers today cannot teach more than what they are and from what I have seen of teachers, I pity the student.

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    My first grade teacher whacked me daily on the hand for disrupting reading class for about three weeks before my mother noticed( I had already been told if I was punished at school I'd get it twice as bad when I got home!) Finally I had to read aloud from a random book in the library to get out of that damned class! No one apologized, and I never forgave them, either. Oh no, I think I just made a confession...arghh!

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    Here is my answer to the poem, posted while the book was still in preparation:

    A Memory of First Grade

    by Elaine P

    Teacher: “Now, children, trace the capital A. Then you can draw a picture underneath.”

    Pupil: (Traces the A once and then draws a picture).

    Teacher: “I told you to trace the A. Why are you drawing a stupid picture?”

    Pupil: “I already traced the A.”

    Teacher: “I didn’t tell you to stop.”

    Pupil: “But I already know how to write an A. I can write the whole alphabet.”

    Teacher: “Don’t smart mouth me, you little baby.”

    Pupil: (Beginning to cry): “I’m not a baby.”

    Teacher: “Get your stuff, you’re going back to kindergarten, you crybaby.”

    Class in chorus: “Elaine’s gone back to kindergarten. Elaine’s a little crybaby.”

    Teacher: “I’m calling your mother, you little crybaby. Now get out of here.”

    Pupil: “I’m not a baby.”

    Later that afternoon:

    Mother: “My daughter can read the newspaper Get her back in class before I call the cops.”

    Teacher: “Okay, but tell her not to be such a crybaby.”

    Pupil: “Mommy, am I a crybaby?”

    Mother: “No, but if I had her for a teacher, I would cry too.”

    Teacher: “Come on, dear, let’s go back to class.”

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    between the cleverest issues I even have considered these days. there is often room for sensible; consistently room for humor. Poetry is plenty better than unearthing the bones of Shakespeare and Poe, respiration in their dirt and working for poet laureate. i like it.

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    9 years of abusive nuns...6 years of church 6 days a week...Transferred to public school in10th grade... when they asked me to tutor math students, I quit.

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