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Have you every had a dream that you were in a certain place......?

have you every had a dream that you were in a certain place where you have never been to

and then one day you fly to a city and go to a place and deja vu or a flashback happens and you remember this was in your dream!!!! its like a foretelling thing....

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    I dream every night. I remember all my dreams, some more than others. It seems that it comes true, but it isn't quiet how my dream was. Like once I had a dream that my best friend, Brian, was killed in a car wreck. 2 days later he was in a car wreck, and the girl with him was killed. Or I had a dream I was on the beach in Florida, I have never been, except the water was crashing HARD over us and it was brown/green. It was nothing like the ocean in CA, that I've seen. The next day I went to my friends house and she said she had just got back from FL, I didn't know she went, and was showing me all the pictures. She was talking about how brown/green the water was because it was after the hurricane. She said before they left the water finally started to turn back to blue. I have this happen A LOT! It's like the dream doesn't come true, it's twisted a little, but it happens! I wish I would dream about the lotto numbers! LOL

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    This has happened to me a couple of times. I think almost everyone has this experience.

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    i had a different nightmare. in which a man was found dead in front of my house. in the same day i saw in the newspaper a man was killed nearby locality from my house

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    Yup, I had some of those. Pretty cool and weird.

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