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Do you know any songs that are hidden gems?

Great songs that might get overlooked because they're hidden away on what is generally regarded as a pretty crappy album.

I'll go with Fade In-Out by Oasis from the album Be Here Now.I think it's a pretty great track, plus Johnny Depp plays slide guitar on it.But, it's on the album most Oasis fans consider the start of a slump.

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    Well, Terror Twilight is kind of the step child of the Pavement catalog because Scott Kanenberg doesn't have a song on it, and apparently Nigel Godrich was mostly interested in making a Stephen Malkmus record with the other guys just sort of playing instruments. I think it has tons of merit (actually, when I list them out it usually sits at #2), but I'm often on the other side of arguments like these. At any rate, there is a song called Speak See Remember (which I unfortunately cannot find a youtube for)

    also, the Hexx

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    Frank Black's record Show Me Your Tears was after a big jumping off point. Many fans had felt that Frank Black had left the realm of "college rock" for "college professor rock." Maybe he was releasing too many records that didn't contain enough real substance, but at any rate many people who I have spoken to felt a downturn in the quality after Dog In The Sand. A couple really great songs on Show Me Your Tears, including Massif Centrale and Everything is New (can't find a youtube of either of them either).

    Paul Simon put out Songs From the Capeman as the soundtrack to a musical that he wrote. To make a long story short, the play was a total flop (enough to where when I saw him in concert he announced that he was going to play a song from the play and when everyone cheered he said "well, why didn't any of you see it"). At any rate, I guess I have an idea why it would have been a turn off to so many of his fans, it's a really amazing record. I really love the song Bernadette

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    Foo Fighters - Come Back

    --Dave Grohl absolutely hates One by One now and only performs 2 songs from that album at live concerts...yet this was the Foo's best closer to date

    KoRn - Tearjerker

    --Almost all purist KoRn fans detest anything after Issues...this was incredibly much different then anything Korn did...rather than their signature nu metal sound, it was more of an ambient flowing track.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Special Secret Song Inside

    --Most RHCP fans ignore the stuff before Blood Sugar Sex Magik. There was a lot of great stuff from the 80s!

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    Well, Jethro Tull's otherwise awful album "Rock Island" does include the great song 'Big Riff and Mando', which is based on the true story of Martin Barre's mandolin being stolen whilst they were on tour in the US!

    shawnallison :

    The Damned's cover of 'Alone Again Or' can be found on the album

    "Eternally Damned: The Very Best of the Damned"

    which is available through marketplace sellers on Amazon {both US and UK}.

    And here's the video :

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    Alone Again Or by The Damned from their Anything album. You can't find it anywhere by The Damned (it was originally done by Love), but there is a good version by Mathew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs.

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  • For as much as everyone bags on St Anger if you can get past the drums Some Kind of Monster is a freaking heavy tune.

  • Not sure if you'll agree with me on this one but i loooovve broken by seether ft. amy lee it in the album disclaimer II i think, but it's been in my head forever.. its a gorgeous song, personally the rest of the album didn't turn out to be very popular so it didn't publisize this song enough. i also really like Save You by the simple plan..

    Wow that song sounds sounds good... i'll take a look ta


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    "All Moving Parts (Stand Still)" by Black Sabbath, one awesome song from one reviled album...Geezer Butler and Bill Ward just KILL this track

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    "Stormbringer" by Deep Purple. The whole Stormbringer Album was phenomenal but Richie Blackmore absolutely hated it, and it has rarely been released in the US, terrible shame too IMO.

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    "Anagram (For Mongo)" by Rush. The Presto album isn't too well liked by many Rush Fans but I think it's killer.

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    "Machine Messiah" by Yes. The Album Drama is absolutely reviled by most Yes Fans as being not true Yes, but I disagree

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    "Perfect Water" by Blue Oyster Cult. By the late 80's BOC had lost all but their hardcore Fans but were still capable of Gems like this

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    Living Dead Beat - Children of Bodom - Are You Dead Yet?

    In the thread of that band in forums in, Bodom fans hate the album Are You Dead Yet?. For me too, it's my 2nd least fave album from them, but the song is a gem.

    Before I leave, I'll say something irrelevant - my name is Gem! Haha!

  • theres a band called RTZ. the album from 91' was called return to zero. formed by 2 former boston members (the band boston). there were 2 great hits, the first one was called "face the music". the second song which is still one of my favorite songs was called "until your love comes back around"...great songs off of a not so popular group.....

    nice avatar picture. (depeche mode) great band!!!!!

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    Goodbye's the saddest word by Celine Dion.

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