Why are guns so important to American people?

Good morning everyone,

Since I've been spending a little time around here, I've realised US people are really found of guns, which I totally don't get as I don't have one, nor do I know anyone having or even willing to have one.

Why is it so? Is your country so unsafe that you feel the need to have a weapon at home? Or is it just what TV makes you think in order to keep the business going?


To Ruth: I live in France. Gov tyranny? Can I laugh?

Update 2:

To JLK: I've never been to Marseilles nor do I plan on going there. I live in North and I sure as hell won't move from here.

Update 3:

To JLK: Muslim gangs? Haven't you seen our terrorists too?!? Please, you're getting ridiculous. There are poor quarters mostly with Arabs around the biggest cities, those are the people you're talking about. They're more desperate than Muslim. Just young, rejected, and with no future, so they turn out bad, but still not as bad as an American gang. I've seen some videos of US gangs... creepy... Trust me, your gangs and my gangs can't possibly be compared. It's like comparing a drug dealer with someone who kills everyday....

Update 4:

To all of you who mention gov tiranny:

Do you know what we do when we disagree? Riots, we don't need guns. Did they use guns in 1789? Yes, but they stole them, they didn't have guns in the first place. If you ever need a revolution, burn the white house, burn everything you need to, but I really doubt there will be any revolution in USA any time soon.

Update 5:

To those who say it's a right, I don't see your point. You have the right to have a rat at home, but do you really raise one? I buy things I do need, not things I have the right to have, otherwise I'd be broke!

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    It depends on where you live. In large parts of the country, guns are kept for hunting, sports and for the simple reason that many in government are trying to ban them. It's a way of making a statement that "We will not allow you to control us."

    On the other hand, in many areas, guns are kept because of crime and for self-defense. The criminal justice system in America is broken and you cannot rely on law enforcement to protect you. They are there to file the paperwork (after the fact) and go after the criminals (after the fact). Usually, the perpetrator gets out of jail early due to overcrowding and lax sentencing.

    It matters not if a criminal goes to jail after stealing my stuff or harming my wife or children. The damage has been done and cannot be reversed. Owning a gun can prevent it from happening in the first place. There is a reason criminals prey on the old, the weak and the vulnerable.

    Spend some time living in one of America's cities and see if you don't feel the same. In Europe, criminals just try to pick your pockets. In America, they will kill you.

  • Mary
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    4 years ago

    The Right to Bear Arms is huge on the American psyche. I think it has something to do with the idea of having the ability to protect yourself from anything, which would also fit with American views. A lot of people see current gun regulations as attempts on their rights, which obviously won't sit well with this sentiment. As such, it's mattering less about what it is specifically targeting as a law and more about what is happening to something under the broad term of "gun". I for one am okay with restrictions on certain types of weapons, but I do agree that infringements on the Right to Bear Arms should be taken seriously when it does affect weaponry people should have the right to own.

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    Important, yes. Not for protection or from hunting. It is a matter of freedom. If the government can limit that purchase, then what is next. As a law abiding citizen, I should be able to own any gun I want. When I violate that trust, then the government needs to step in.

    The second Amendment was written for one reason.

    When a peoples government starts to take away freedom, and exert excessive control over its peoples, the first thing they go after is the guns. People without guns cannot defend themselves from an unfair government.

    And believe me, if things don't change in this country, there will be an uprising against our own government.

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    Why are guns important to Americans?

    1) We know that a government for the people should FEAR the people.

    2) We know that if only the government and police have guns we are slaves.

    3) We know that we have a right a natural born right to self-defense.

    The second amendment is second for a reason. It allows the people to protect all the other amendments. Americans don’t own guns because they are afraid; we own guns because we are free. And in a world where most government agendas are to take guns from its people, American’s vote to keep theirs.

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  • Chris
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    It is in our history. We rose up in our Revolution to protect ourselves against oppression. We also had Native American attacks embedded into our national thinking, even though those days have long since past. There is vast open area in the US where your neighbor is several miles away, if someone was to attack your home you are on our own in those places. Other area are poor, our sheriff can only promise a 30 to 45 minute response time for a call do to lack of deputies. So if someone is kicking in your front door, you call the police, you have at least 30 minutes before the first cop will arrive. This country also has a history of hunting, millions of American take part in it. Finally the right of self defense, being able to protect yourself, family, and home from intruders.

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    My husband has a rifle and a glock for the following reasons:

    1.) He keeps up with his hunting skills in the range and once a year out in the hunting grounds for the purpose of self-sustenance. This skill may be called upon in times of catastrophe or war. If we both lose our jobs or we get run out of our homes by terrorists or whatever, we know we can provide self-sustenance. This goes hand-in-hand with my learning to grow stuff in my garden.

    2.) He has the glock and rifle at home to protect ourselves in cases of bulglarly. But, in extreme cases, we are prepared to protect our property if it ever comes to that catastrophic time I mentioned. You must have seen the looters during Hurrican Katrina.

    3.) You laugh at Ruth for saying something about government tyranny. But, see, that's the great thing about the US Constitution. It is specifically stated in the constitution that the right for every citizen to bear arms should be protected - this was drafted to prevent the government from overpowering the people. If terrorists take over the country or if the government becomes so corrupt as to take away our freedoms, we can bunker in our own homes and fight back.

    You know, when the time comes that France gets over-run by Al-Qaeda or something, all you can do is kiss them on the cheeks and wait for your army to hopefully drive them away... but I think what's going to happen is you're going to cry and wail until the Americans with their guns drive the bad guys away... (just being funny...)

  • V
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    That is one thing I as an American, have never understood. I think if I had a gun in my house, I might be tempted to use. Therefore, I would never own a gun. But I do know 'gun people' and they sure do love their guns. I get the phrase 'guns don't kill, people do.' But in all actuality, I think people are a lot quicker to pull a gun and shoot, than to physically try and kill them with their hands. The problem is that our forefathers wrote that we have the right to have guns into our Constitution. And the Constitution is one thing we take very seriously..

  • The founding fathers of the U.S gave us the right to bear arms to keep the power amongst the people, where it belongs. It's very difficult for tyranny to prevail when more than half of the populace owns a gun. I'm sure you can appreciate that as Frenchman. From what I hear about Marseille, the violent crime rate is so high, one probably needs a gun to live there...

    Source(s): Even so, what about the Muslim gangs in Paris and throughout much of France? From what I've seen in the news, they seem rather formidable.
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    Take a look at the countries where guns were taken out of the hands of the citizen and you'll have your answer. The Chinese have already said that they wouldn't consider an invasion of America due to the number of guns in the hands of private citizens. I think that I'll buy another today.

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    Neither . . . outside of sporting usage . . . most Americans believe that guns could protect us from our own government . . . and I know how incredibly odd this sounds . . . I mean, I'm average . . . I'm married, have two children, live in an average home and am just all around normal . . . and in the back of my mind I believe that it is entirely possible that we might be called to defend ourselves against a corrupt government . . . Again, I know it's crazy . . . but we are indoctrinated with stories of "revolution" from a very young age . .. so I think it's a mindset that's particular to the U.S.

    On a side note, the act of shooting someone is physically repulsive to me . . . I can't even imagine shooting a politician . . . but just in case . . . there's a shot gun underneath my bed.

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