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Should I take java classes or oracle or c++?

I like databases and programming. I have no knowledge of programming.

I have a bachelor of science in Business Administration and an specialization in Information Systems and I want to get a job right away.

Which one would you think is best to learn and why?

Programming: java, c++

Databases:Oracle, SQL

and how long should I study so as to be ready for entry-level jobs in the current market?

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    The best you can do is - Oracle (SQL , PL/SQL and Administration etc). You can try PeopleSoft also.

    why should you go for this? because you can expect better pay. check out the below resource site to get started for Oracle or PeopleSoft. there are articles about how to prepare, what jobs are paid good etc.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Go for Oracle (10g or 11g, your choice).

    Data is the heartbeat of any company. I'm too into that. Even I don't like programming like you so I guess instead of going for Java or C++ or even SQL, Oracle will be the best choice.

    Start working at low level for now, you'll get to it sooner.

    Data is going to be the future.

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  • 3 years ago

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