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Filming/audio advice needed please!?

I'm making a short film project with some friends, and my camera isn't the best for recording audio. Are there any fairly inexpensive ways to remedy this? We've tried finding quiet spots to film, doesn't help much. I don't have the money for a new camera.


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    Record your audio on an inexpensive digital recorder and add it to the video in post. The audio recording can be done either while the video is being recorded or afterwards in an ADR session . Digital editing now makes both very practical.


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    I would highly highly suggest saving a few bucks and renting out audio equipment. A DAT recorder works fantastically and allows you to change audio settings.

    Audio is highly important in any film because people take it for granted. Once something sounds poor or is off sync, people will notice and it can ruin a very good looking film.

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    You can download audacity ( for free, and if you have a mike you can do voice overs in your movie. If you want to use the same sound from your movie, there is an option to get the outside noises out of the sound clips. This program is very similar to Adobe Audition.

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    Try using a external mic if your camera supports it, but careful about the mics, the one thing I hate about using cheap mics is bad noise.

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