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how to make green eyes stand out...?

my eye's were hazel in middle school but they're starting to green out alot... and i want them to stand out... and also make my eye's look bigger. how can i do this?

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    White eyeliner makes eyes look bigger.

    Sephora Brand Jumbo Eye Pencil in White [$5]

    You should apply it in the inner corner of your eyes or you can use it on your bottom lid too, whichever you prefer.

    I usually blend mine in so it's not as noticeable, but you don't have to do that. [:

    Almay has eye products specifically for green eyes if you wanna check those out.

    They also have eye brightener stuff too. [:

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    My favorite combination of colors to wear are Origins Gold Dust and Origins Moss eye shadow. It's a gold and deep green combination that really makes the eyes pop, and of course, make them look larger. Apply the Gold Dust all over the lid, and the Moss on the outer corner of the eye. Apply two coats of a volumizing mascara and you're good to go.

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    I also have hazelish green eyes.

    1. Black eyeliner and mascara would make them really stand out.

    Make the line a bit thicker at the outside corner, becoming thinner as it moves in toward your nose, so that your eyes won't look as if they are too close. You may even NOT wanna go all the way to the inner corner.

    For dramatic effect, I move the line a bit up and out from the outer corners.

    2. I also get compliments with purple eyeshadow or

    dark blue eyeshadow and dark blue pencil liner.

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    Use lilac/purple shadows, a thick black line starting from about the middle of your upper lid going out will make your eyes look larger. Don't forget mascara--either in black for a dramatic look or find a dark purple to bring out more greenc. Also, to make the green of your eyes pop even more....find a teal or green eyeliner and line the inside of your lower lid lightly. If you're nervous about hunting down all the necessary colors go to your nearest drug store and find the Almay section....they have color groupings already picked out for each eye color! (Plus it's quality make-up and hypoallergenic)

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    use complementary colors, and to make your eyes look bigger; when u are using eye liner don't do your whole bottom line. start from the outside corner and go towards the inside corner(on the bottom) but stop half way. It gives your eyes the effect of being larger. (it works for me).

    but for you eye color my friend has the same thing going on. I noticed that when she wears greens or reds her eyes stand out.

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    To make your eyes really pop, wear eggplant purple eyeshadow or gold eyeshadow. Pink eyeshadow also really plays up your eyes and gives you a very youthful look. To make your eyes appear bigger, use an eyelash curler and apply mascara, but not too much or else you'll look cheap. For eyeliner, use brown eyeliner, it will really flatter your coloring.

    I hope I helped! :-)


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    my eyes are hazel but with a lot of green flecks in them. . .

    here's what i do with my eyes and my friends tell me that they pop!


    first i put a loose powder on the lid

    then a deep purple eyeliner

    then 2 coats of black mascara


    dark purpl eyeliner

    dark grey eyeshadow,


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    Almay sells trio for greens eyeshadow and coordinating mascara and eyeliner at walmart. It works great. Get play up the greens.

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    wear green clothing, use aqua eyeliner, lots of black mascara, and smile alot which draws people attention to your face and beautiful cat like eyes. i have green eyes too and its my best feature, so i always play it up.

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    a few colors can do it, but I've found that brown/bronze eye shadows work best. I rarely wear it (because I'm a pale woman and it doesn't look right on me) but when I do wear bronze/brown eye shadow, people stop me and say, wow, I never realized how green your eyes are! :)

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