Hi please answer if fermilur with installation of windows xp professional service packet2 if dont mind:)?

hi for those who are fermilur with the installation of windows xp professional service packet 2 and any reinstallation of windows quick quest is was wondering if this gate away computer designed for microsoft windows xp if i install windows xp professonal service packet2 i was wondering if it will hard any of my memory in my local hard drive c\:\ and any of my documents,folders,text documents,other?and yes i know how to install just wondering if it harms as in whips any memory out of local hard drive c\:\ right now im usuing regular windows xp service packet2


also reasion y doing this is to install missing drives lot easyer and no not much work way i do it im talking about even reinstalling reg windows xp sp2 service packet2 if even reinstalling if it whips local c\:\ drive

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    1 decade ago
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    Short answer, do not do it. Just stick with xp home service pack 2

    When the xp you are using now is a legal copy, do not change ti. We as normal pc users do not need Windows XP Pro.

    You can try to install pro as update, then you do not have to format your c drive. but again, why go to all that trouble for nothing. I had pro. but when I bought new computer I bought xp home sp2 and not pro sp2.

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