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help me figure this out, please?

some girls say that if a guy had a great personality, that makes them more attractive and makes up for their lack of physical attractiveness. then other girls say that if a guy has a great personality, they wont date him unless their is physical attraction. whats the deal?

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    Hi MCD !

    It is the personal perspective of every girl as to what she will look at at different times. Many a times, the personality seems to be the first choice where an individual can be seen by her as a mentor, guide, friend & supporter. Here the looks do not count.

    At other times, all above may not matter. It would be a need for a passionate person, who would take care of their physiological needs which may dominate their psychological needs. This type of a person is normally seen to posess good physical attractiveness & personality.

    Either way the girls are right.

    Dont be surprised MCD, that the same girl would often date a guy without attraction when they are down in morale & are willing to be at the side of the person who could do hand holding for them & he may not have any personality at all.

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    Every girl is different. For some character is more important for others physical attraction is first. But if you dress nice that can change peoples thinking too. Just gel your hair up and change your shoes your colone and you are a whole new you

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    honestly i say if a guy doesn't have a good personality then the relationship probably wouldn't last very long. the looks on a guy will change and sometimes their personality might too but that isn't as likely. imagine 10-15 years from now what they would look like. plus if they didn't have a good personality you might end up fighting alot and the relationship probably wouldn't last. i hope this helps.

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    for every girl its different. for me i go for the personality and if hes ugly it will just make me like him for who he is. and then i will learn to like him. cuz some of the hottest guys at my school are the biggest jerks so i would never go out with them. guys have to have good attitudes. nice and have great persoanality first before looks. hope this helps!! :)

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