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Stomach Ach's, could this be from something ive been eating?

Ok well ive been having these MAJOR stomach ach's a day after ive been eating things like fruit, but my parents think it might be because i do overdose on cheese, lol. i dont know! i mean i can drink milk and not get sick... but to describe the stomach ach, it is the worse stomach ach ever, it is in my lower stomach and it is like really bad gas and omg it hurts so mad! Any ideas on that this is?

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    You could be dealing with some type of an allergic reaction (an example only) but because of how bad this is I would recommend going to the ER for further evaluation of the situation.

    I would recommend that you let another member of your family that you trust (if they are close by) know what's going on as they may be able to help you out.

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  • 3 years ago

    i'd felt a similar way for a pair of months now and that i at the instant began eating gluten loose, assuming that I even have celiacs ailment and actual, i think actual great. in step with possibility supply that a attempt. it might additionally be a abdomen trojan horse, IBS, an ulcer. you need to have the desire to make an appointment jointly with your well being care provider.

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