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Occupational Instructor Certification?

I am in a position that allows me to earn the OIC - and, while the bosses make it sound like it's the best thing since sliced bread, I have to ask...

What the heck can it do for me? It isn't a teaching degree. It isn't a college degree. Who can I teach with it? Will the Mets ever win the pennant? Will John and Martha ever find true love?

As you can tell, I are be truly confuselated by this... is it worth busting my butt to get, or should I let it slide?

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    I can't answer your question, but I have a question to ask.

    Will your job pay more once you earn the certification?

    MORE MONEY. If more money is involved, decide if the increase is worth your cost (time and money) in getting the cert. You do your job for the money, so it might make sense if you get paid more.

    NOT MORE MONEY. If money is not a factor, then it's different. If your job will pay you while you study (let you prepare while at work) and pay any testing or other certification fees, then do it to keep your bosses happy.

    NOT MORE MONEY, STINGY BOSS. If you would make the same money and have to come out of pocket for any fees and study on your own time, I would guess that it is a waste of your time. I would guess that your bosses do not respect your time outside of work if this scenario fits.

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    Oh god, teaching is the cat's pajamas! Without a degree though, you cannot teach in the traditional public school setting. That takes several years of classes, state board tests, and beating out the thousands of other applicants, even some with Masters Degrees. As a current Education Major grad, I can say, finding a job in the public schools now-a-days is tough stuff. The majority of my college peers are going back to get their Masters while we wait out this tough market we have going on right now. Your best best to teach, would be for a business trade school (which is I'm guessing, what field you are in?????). Possibly even an afterschool enrichment program.......but can you leave work to be there at 2:30pm to set up for class?

    I guess it depends on how much butt you have to bust to get this. Do you consider yourself a patient person? Do you enjoy watching others suceed? Would you be willing to use your free time to make lessons that cater to a challenging student's interests? Are you doing it just for the status or money? If you answered yes to that last question, you may want to opt out. I hope this has un "Confuselated" you Mr. President. As for the Mets and John and Martha...only time will tell. If you are still interested, try reading Star Teachers by Dr. Haberman or Pedagogy of th Opressed.

    Good luck to you!

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