I have a speech problem?

And i cant pronounce er right. I hate it iv had it since i was a little girl. Im now in 7th grade and i feel like i cant say what i want because im afraid people will make fun of me and it has happened before. I had a ve experience in a school play when i had to say "it feels like a spear" and spear sounds like spe-uh and many people ,mocked me for it. for me when i say grammer it sounds like grammuh .

i took speech classes when i was in 3rd and 4th grade and they didnt seem to help. does anyone know any way to fix this without seeing help. Once again i feel like i am not able to say whats on my mind.

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    when i was in 4th grade i couldnt make the sh sound. my brothers name is sean and i could never say his name right. i dont remeber getting teased too much though. i didnt have a speech class, but i did have to see a speech therapist throught my school, and it helped me out a lot. now i can say sh all i want no problem. i know you asked for wasys to fix this problem without seeking help, but a speech therapist helped me and can prly help you too. good luck!!

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    a lot of you still not being able to say er right is mental. Because, as soon as you think that you can't do it it stays like that in your mind. Just like when you run and you know that you can do it you go faster. Just keep believing in yourself i used to stutter and so i understand what it's like. i didn't think i'd get through mine either but if you listen to what the specialist has to say and practice at home. Just have fun with it to like have your friends practice with you and just laugh at your mistakes. you'll see it'll be a lot better. ;]

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    Mock the mocker and dont give up trying to speak properly.

  • 1 decade ago

    im in 7th grade too! i have an "s" problem. nobody mocks me tho and speech classes are helping. just keep trying!!

    ~hope i helpedd

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