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is there such a thing as online tutoring?

i am super busy with school and work. my work schedule is never the same every week, so i have a hard time finding a tutor that can work with my schedule. is there such a thing as a 24 hour online tutoring program? or any suggestions? Im not doing too well in school.

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    Yes. There is such a thing as online tutoring. I would suggest Felicity Motivational Group ( for the following reasons:

    1. All of their tutors have at least a bachelor's degree (and believe me, that makes a BIG difference when it comes to tutoring)

    2. Their online whiteboard is more interactive (you can speak to them on their toll free number or via internet, your choice)

    3. Their sessions are unlimited time, so you won't have to worry about running out of minutes in your time bank

    4. Your past online sessions are saved for you in video format to download onto your computer or MP3

    5. They have tutors available BOTH online and in person, nationwide!

    6. They are non profit, so even though they use state of the art technology, they cost about half of what you would pay at other websites such as

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    Yes, there is and it is very convenient. I took online tutoring lessons from TutoringPals (, for my summer course in Signals and Systems and it really helped me. Besides, it is so much more affordable.

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    yes there are some out there is one I know is good ... which has helped with my essays

    If u r enrolled in some school/college you have free access otherwise u need to pay them .... check out with ur school.

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