How much is to rent an apartment in krakow, Poland?

I have a job offer and I would like to rent an apartment in Krakow, Poland? Can somebody advice how much it will be?

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    1 decade ago
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    I always use to check prices on properties. It is one of best services in Poland (it is in Polish only). No idea what will be good for you, but prices start from 1000 PLN a month. This service shows pictures (if available) and location on map.

    For Krakow - apartments for rent click here and check:

    I would suggest you moving to a hostel for a month first and in the meantime see some flats, then chose what's best for you.

    I do not live in krakow, but if you need help email me.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I can reccomend a web site where can find many apartments to rent and calculate the price for a whole stay.

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    4 years ago

    rattling actual Krakow is the perfect city in Poland! the place do I start up? i grew to become into born right here in Chicago yet I visited Krakow plenty and that i evaluate Krakow my place of origin. Krakow has the main travelers each twelve months and summer is the perfect time to flow to. there are various cafes on the sq. and there are various shops there. I under no circumstances rented an residence simply by fact I stay in a small city approximately 20 minutes far flung from the sq.. flow in summer. heavily there will be greater suitable issues in summer. In September is especially crappy.

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    here there is a good website for all deals (buy, rent, change, houses, works, things, animals and whateve u need- we all polish use this site) and I put you into search engine a request for apartments to rent in Krakow (flat with 2rooms)

    Here you are, and can see:

    you can also look for an other type of apartment I did not know your references (a zone in krakow, how many rooms, internet, telephone and so on)

    But as you see, prices starts from 1400zl and arrives even till 3000zl (but it is exagerate!) in euro it will be 430€-925€, in dollar will be more or less: 625$-1400$

    But according to me in price 1400zl u will find many nice apratments!

    If you need my help to look with some more detailed preferences, u can write me: I will be glad to help you.

    Hope I helped a bit, wish you good luck in your research and sorry for my bad english!

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  • 1 decade ago

    nice??? 2000 dollars included services

    good?? 1000 but you will pay surprising services and taxes plus no invoices

    cheap? 100, but you have to stand the neighbors snoring

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