Mommies: Why did you choose to Formula Feed instead of Breastfeed?

Be completely honest! I am a Formulafeeding Mommy and my reason was Because I simply did not want to. I felt uncomforable about the situation, plus, I wanted my husband to be able to help feed and I did not want to pump or hand express milk. What are your reasons?

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    My baby wasnt latching on right.. I gave it my best shot, tried for several weeks, and by that point I was in so much pain even when she wasnt feeding that I felt it would be in her best interest and mine to just switch to formula. Since she wasnt latching on right, I wasnt sure how much she was eating, and I was concerned she wasn't getting enough. Breastfeeding is definitely beneficial to the baby, but not if the baby isn't eating as much as he/she is supposed to.

    --Dont let people bring you down for your reasons or choice to stop breastfeeding. You know whats best for your baby, and you did what suited your situation.--

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    I breastfed at first and started to pump before I went back to work (6 weeks) so that I could start getting used to pumping at work. He was also eating so much, we were supplementing. Unfortunately, I did not do a lot of research on breastfeeding/pumping and I started losing my milk supply pretty early on because I didn't know what I was doing. It's very hard work, lol. I would definitely do it for at least the time you are home! You might either be able to continue after you go to work or not but at least you will know you tried and not have any regrets. It's a lot cheaper, too! I was also formula fed and have no sicknesses and have family that were breastfed that do have sicknesses (just talking from experience here) so whatever works for you...but at least try it. Even though my son is now formula fed, I would encourage everyone to try breastfeeding. I still wish I could have gone for longer but it's not practical for me to pump every 2/3 hrs at work for 20 minutes. My main reason not to was mainly having to work. The pressure and stress of keeping up my milk supply was too much at that time. The more you breastfeed/pump the more you have and I did not have the time in my job to do that and my milk was not well established at that point. Good Luck & Congrats!

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    With my 1st I did because she just could not breastfeed and I got absolutely no support from any of the LCs that I contacted about the situation. They came to the house and told be that she was eating and I knew that she was not. I tried to pump but my nipples were so damaged that all I expressed was blood. My 2nd I am breastfeeding, he is 6 months-pumping actually, because he will NOT eat formula. He was in the NICU for a week after his birth and was tube fed formula because he would not eat. Finally, after 3 days, I was able to pump enough for his overnight feedings and he ate without any problems. Go Figure!!

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    Fear.. pure and simple. I was scared that I wouldn't produce enough milk and wouldn't know if my son was getting enough or not. I did not have the family support (everyone I know formula feeds/formula fed, with the exception of one distant cousin) or a group of friends that would help me out if I needed to get over a hurdle. I was overwhelmed with the thought of bringing a new person into the world and the thought of worrying about breastfeeding on top of all my other worries was too much. Stupid in hindsight, but I made what I thought was the best decison at the time and do not have regrets now.

    Although I briefly researched breastfeeding when I was pregnant, it was an easy decision for me to formula feed because I wasn't fully educated on the benefits. I didn't even realize what a mistake it was to not look into it further until my son was already 6 months.

    I will breastfeed (not attempt, but will) if I have another child. And part of the credit for that decision goes to ladies on Y!A that were so passionate about breastfeeding that they made me open my eyes.

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    I pushed through 2 bad rounds of mastitis while breastfeeding... but then got it for the 3rd time when my son was 6 weeks. I had to have it drained surgically, and ended up having MRSA, so I wasn't really encouraged to be near my son let alone feed him. Plus I was so sick and weak I was barely able to hold him for a few weeks. Worst few weeks of my life. I'm so glad he took right to formula though! He actually ended up with MRSA too (I'm almost 100% that he picked it up in the hospital when he was born and he transferred it to me while nursing) ...anywho we're both happy & healthy now :-) That's my reason though. I think I'm actually crazy enough to try breastfeeding again with my next, but I definitely won't have the hangups about formula this time around.

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  • My son and I got thrush at 6 mo and the pain made me so miserable that I had a hard time pumping. I eventually had to go to formula so I could get some rest and relax.

    I hated giving formula- it is not natural.

    I have 3 mo old and breast feeding is going 100% better this time and I plan to continue bf till 1 yr.

    Each child feeds different and I'm so lucky that my daughter took to bf better b/c I had to supplement w/ formula for a couple of feedings b/c of medical problems and we both hated it- she spit the formula up like crazy.

    Formula is not natural- may I suggest goats milk instead.

    But as a mom you have that choice and your child will still get what they need from formula.

  • For my first baby I didnt want to either. I have nothing against women who choose to breastfeed as that was there preference but it just wasnt something for me. I too wanted my husband to be able to help with feedings without me having to pump. It was just something that never really crossed my mind. my second child I thought I would TRY it as my husband thought it would be a good choice for the baby, so I did and pumped but it was very painful at first and I ended up devloping thrush on my nipples and on baby tongue and one of my breasts just stopped making milk for my very hungry baby so i stopped. And then with my most recent the nurses at the hospital tried forcing me but I just said no, that I did not want to and felt comfortable with bottle feeding.

    I think some people take bottlefeeding moms for granted and dont realize it's simply a choice just as women who breastfeed made that choice to do so. Regardless whether the milk comes naturally from the mother or from a can does not matter as long as you are providing for your baby and giving them the best start that u think is right for them. =o)

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    My oldest was born before the breastfeeding became the thing to do again. I was young and there was a deplorable lack of support, so I didn't even try.

    The second were twins. We did a lot of moving during and after pregnancy and with twins I just didn't feel like I could do it.

    #'s 4, 5, and 6---two were in the NICU for over a week and one was a bit early--they all had difficulty latching on, and while I continued trying and pumping for three or so weeks, eventually *POOF*--my milk dried up.

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    I simply was not interested.I was sick,had a lot happen while delivering that I just was not even interested in trying it.I don't regret it.My child is thriving and so healthy.The only reason I would have considered it is the "bonding".But I have found that I can bond just as well with bottle feeding.Holding him,cuddling him while he eats-we have bonded just great.I might breastfeed next time around or at least give it a shot for a while,but if it doesn't work it isn't a big deal for me.I KNOW that my next child will just a prefect and healthy either way just as my son is.

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    My girl was a preemie so she was tube fed for the first while but I pumped my milk and the hospital gave it to her. Then she went on the bottle but with my milk for 2 weeks. I did this so she had the boost but really I never had any choice though.Once she was home for a week I switched to formula because I have medicine that I have to take and can't if I was breastfeeding.

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