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Is it time yet to declare the NFC the better conference?

Or should we wait until the end of the season to say it?

Or should we admit that in the NFL, parity really does rule, and lately the AFC has had a random assortment of the better teams, and now the better teams are, at random, mostly in the NFC?

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    Last year, I believe the NFC had the better head to head record during the regular season, and they had the Super Bowl Champions.... so it would seem to follow that they are the better conference.

    However, there is still a lot of football to be played this season, and it's premature to crown anyone anything at this point.

    My feelings for the last year teams is that the AFC had more "elite" teams, and the NFC had more "good" teams, which resulted in the NFC winning more head to head games, but still not having the same amount of pure talent.

    This year, with Brady out, and the Chargers, Jaguars, and Colts floundering, it seems the NFC has the early advantage, but these are all very good football teams that I believe with right themselves before the end of the season. Plus, the AFC still has 4 undefeated football teams - that's pretty impressive. With the Titans, Bills, and Broncos emerging as seemingly legitimate contenders, the balance may not have shifted as much as you would think.

    I think that in general the gap is closing, and it is again the NFC's time to come back. With the NFC East again becoming the powerhouse it was in the late 80's/early 90s (where teams from there won the super bowl 7 out of 10 years), and some weaknesses being exposed along the AFC's top teams, it may be time to officially claim the NFC is dominant. However, as I said, it is a bit premature, especially since the NFC has the likes of the Lions and Rams (two worst teams in the NFL at the moment).

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    I think I'd have to agree that parity is king. The power that you really think about I don't think comes from those "bounce in and out" teams though.

    I think when you think of the most powerful conference, you have about three teams in mind (or at least I do)....the rest you couldn't much make a call on. My example would be last year where the Pats, Colts, and Chargers made the AFC the nasty one, as they have for several years.

    This year the NFC has taken a pretty big step forward with the Cowboys, the re-emergence of the Eagles, the Giants, and the Saints standing up to play while the AFC seems to be scratching it's head a little.

    I think the balance is in full swing and will reside, once again, in the NFC for a few years.....then the AFC shall rise again......

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    Why do people have so much trouble understanding that the season is 17 weeks long and then there are 3 weeks of playoffs? To be honest with you, the NFC doesn't look that great. The NFC West should be in the CFL. The NFC North is mediocre at best, except for the Packers. The South is undecided as usual and I'll believe one of those teams is a contender when I actually see one of them win a game in the playoffs. The East is real solid with Dallas and NY, the Eagles are competitive, but can they put a whole season together? Its doubtful. Just because Pittsburgh and NE lost a game, and Peyton Manning is choking earlier than normal this year doesn't mean the entire out look of pro-football has shifted in favor of the weaker conference.

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    The NFC is better so far & I say the Cowboys, even though I can't stand them, have the best team in football but the best team doesn't always win a championship, ask the Patriots. It's still early in my opinion to say the NFC is better than the AFC since it's only 3 games into the season

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    Before you declare that, you better have a look at ALL THE DIVISIONS. They have the best Division (east), but that's about it. Plus, its early, with the exception of maybe 4 teams (Packer, Cowboys, Giants, Eagles) everyone else is suspect. You just don't know there is a shakeup going on in the AFC right now. Denver, Buffalo, Baltimore, Tennessee. With other teams lurking right behind them. Jacksonville, Indy, Pittsburgh, NE, SD. AFC still outranks them when you compare the total number of good teams.

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    The NFC is definitely on the upswing, but my division (NFC East) it's out of control. They have sent three playoff teams the last 3 years in a row.

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    Put down the crack pipe...The AFC has dominated the Super Bowl since the Broncos broke through after '98 and '99...I think the NFC needs to win a few Super Bowls in a row before they are declared the dominant conference...

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    Just the NFC East. The rest might as well be AFC teams.

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    an astute observation...and i cant agree more...

    i dont know why people take it so personal when theyre a fan of an AFC team and the NFC is clearly better...times change, who cares...

    parity is back...

    it took ten years since the tuck rule ruined unpredictable football, but i think its back.

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    Of course its time! I mean look at where the better teams are! Besides an NFC team won fair and square last year!!!

    Source(s): GO SAINTS!!!!!
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