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Scam - John P. McGowan, M. Neto, Emirates International Law Firm. Where can you report a 419 scam?

This is a basic internet scam with a twist. You get an email from John P (McGowan) Barrister with the Emirates International Law Firm and he wants you to manage funds for his client, Maria Neto, widow to the late Roberto Neto.

This scam has stolen ID/Passports, throw-away cell phones with UAE phone numbers, they use existing websites for the Law Firm an Bank and they have nicely forged UAE government and court documents that sound okay to a novice. It's very slick.

This scam does not ask for money, they ask for your signature on a document and your bank account info to "Wire the funds". You can just imagine what they can do with your name, address, signature and bank account number.

There are several clear indicators of the scam, one is that its too good to be true, also they need you to be discreet, another is the phone number on the letterhead doesn't match the law firm's website, the letterheads are all 'cut-and-paste' from web sites.

They have gone to a lot of trouble (I assume it's Russian Sacmmers), to keep from disappointing, I give all scammers fake bank info, or better yet, send them to the US Embassy or Consulate to get money from my friend, just tell the Marines guards you work for me "Al Kaydda".

where is the best place to report a scam like this so it comes up in internet searches?


in case your not getting posting it here it comes up in searches by the names being used. my intent was to make sure people that would be duped by this slick scam aren't.

this is for the second answering poster - your answer is both silly and high brow. read my post before you answer.

-no soup 4 U!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In the event this message originated from a Y! Mail account, it should be reported here:

    Forward that message to the Federal Trade Comission at the following address:

    You can also report it here:

  • 5 years ago

    Unless you have the money to spend on a lawyer who can file a lawsuit against this breeder, Bozema gives you the only options I can think of. Once more folks - DON'T buy from some online site that looks great but is just a front for a puppy mill or some slimy back yard breeder. What does it take to convince people - you have almost no recourse once you buy the pup who is likely to be sick or a runt - and you enrich some creepy byb or horror hotel of a puppy mill and encourage them to keep right on with the "puppy as livestock" business. Don't do it!!! Go to your shelters, search the breed rescues on line (they ARE legit and will tell you what their dogs are really like, plus they vetted them and spayed or neutered already). If you must have a puppy (and shelters and rescues have them too, our rescue has 4 pedigree puppies right now for adoption) - then check with the AKC and at least get a pup from a registered breeder who shows and has some care about breeding good quality pups. All champion dogs throw off pet quality pups often enough, so they will be available, you may just have to wait, but it's worth it to get a decent quality, well bred pooch.

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    1 decade ago

    The best way to handle this? Don't open the email in the first place. You know it's not real, so why perpetuate it by giving the spammer your real, live email address by opening his spam and reading it, then rushing here to ask us if it's real. And these scams are occurring all over the world, but if you really feel you must report this, give it a try:

    FTC said, recipients should forward it to spam(at), the FTC's spam database.

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