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Are there more injuries in football, baseball, hockey,rugby, etc.. than in mma?

I mean I always see baseball players geting injured also football player and hockey players but hardly in fighting in mma and people consider MMA dangerous of all. Why?

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    what do you call an injury? Franklin broke his hand and foot. Forrest had a shoulder injury that required surgery also Shogun had a terrible knee injury. Tim Sylvia got his arm broken against Mir. B.J. Penn separated a rib in his fight with Hughes. Fedor broke his hand punching Sylvia. I can go on and on. MMA had its first death in a sanctioned bout a couple months ago.

    Is it safer? Yes, but it has a lot of injuries

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    Statistically, rugby has fewer injuries than football. The reasoning behind this trend is that when you play a sport with a lot of protective equipment you get a mentality that you are shielded or protected from any injury. This is far from the case and quite often leads to players getting serious injuries.

    In rugby, there is no equipment (some wear a scrum helmet, but that's mostly just to prevent cauliflower ear) and the same goes for MMA. You know what your body can handle and without the equipment you take precautions to prevent injury.

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    I'd go with rugby. I played rugby for two years in college and sustained a broken thumb, broken nose, and a concussion. Saw quite a few guys get dislocated shoulders, concussions, and get cleated nasty.

    Playing football from age 9-18, I had a couple sprained ankles and one broken wrist.

    The worst injury I got from baseball was when a friend threw a bat over the fence and yelled "heads up". I looked and got hit by the bat in the eye.

    MMA- there are quite a few injuries but the book is still out. More people get hurt training at an intense level that in the ring most times.

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    Actually there are more injuries in high school sports than there is in the martial arts. That is before MMA came along but it probably is still true and that is from the Insurance Institute that tracks and publishes things for that industry.

    The reasons are three-fold. There is a smaller number of people who do martial arts than the number that participate in high school sports. Secondly many schools irregardless of the quality try to avoid injuries and have rules established and that are followed. These rules help keep injuries down and also potential lawsuits. Does this carry over to MMA is a good question and I think it does as there are way fewer people doing that than high school sports as well. Practitioners of martial arts are often taught to not go past a certain critical point. Control is often times emphasized, especially during training. Fighters that you see on television have time, sweat, and the effort of years of training invested in their careers. They will often times tap out before actually incurring a serious injury so that their future is maintained and avoid serious injuries whenever possible.

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    well you must take into account that in a football/hockey/baseball/rugby game there are 2 teams on a field each with a number of players, which increases the probability for an accident, but in an mma fight there are jsut 2 people

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    injuries football baseball hockeyrugby mma

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    For MMA the book is not out yet.

    For Martial Arts in general it has the least injuries of any sport. That is from the insurance industries own statistics.

    Source(s): TKD instructor, personal trainer
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    theres less career ending injuries in mma, however the severity of injuries can be greater in other sports...

    boxing - brain damage

    football - torn acl, mcl, pcl, head and neck injuries(paralyzation)

    hockey - puck and skates to the head, face, and neck

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    Rugby is far more dangerous

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