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Why is California so dog UNfriendly?

I live in the South Bay (south of San Francisco) area, and am so frustrated with how every county park in my county forbids dogs, even on leash, the only local city park that lets people swim forbids entrance to dogs in the park at all, outdoor events such as "music in the park" forbid dogs, as well as as all the state parks in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara County. Even the state parks forbid dogs on all hiking trails! Why?

I just got back from a driving trip to WA with my German Shepherd, and up there was welcome in virtually every park on a leash as well as all lakes & hiking trails.

My GSD and I both love to swim and there is nowhere within a 2 hour drive I can take her swimming. There is a dog beach in Santa Cruz but the water is so rough I can't swim in it, not to mention great white sharks.

Anyone else in CA encounter this and does anyone know WHY?? Know of any resources where I can find places that are dog friendly in the great outdoors? All we have here is a tiny dog park but we want to go on long hikes & swims.


I don't mean a little one acre dog park, I mean a 5 mile plus hike.

Update 2:

Ok, I'm an hour south of SF in San Jose. Maybe SF is dog friendly but San Jose sure isn't!

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    I would have to agree with you almost all the county parks will not allow dogs even on leashes and I live in Santa Clara about 50 mins from you. If you really think about it 20 years ago there really wasn't irresponsible pet owners you really didn't hear to much about dog attacks. But now 20 years later thats all you hear about is pet owners not being responsible dogs biting people and other dogs. I have meet so many people who own dogs and they know nothing about how to handle a dog. And its a shame cuz if you don't know how to handle a dog especially the more aggressive breeds that a recipe for disaster and its those reason why we have so many dog attacks and strict park rules. And also another reason would be parks don't want to liable for anything you know covering their butts. If people were only more responsible maybe we could enjoy a walk or hike in parks.

    But anyway there is a beach in pacifica (its next to an RV park) not to far from where you are . you can take your dog and let him run on the beach without a leash. Have fun and good luck.

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    That sucks. Here is Sydney every local Council has to have at least 1 off-leash dog park, so there are heaps, but there are only a few beaches that allow dogs (and usually only before 8am and after 8pm). Probably something to do with your area having a high population/low dog ownership ratio.

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    Wow. That is a suprise, I have heard that SF is dog friendly. Well , I know that Carmel and Monterrey are both dog friendly, Carmel even has restaurants that allow you to bring your dog and most hotels accept them. But here in Sacramento, there are several dog parks and a ton of river trails as well as Parks that welcome Leashed dogs.

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    Great white sharks? Do you have any idea how rare (and usually harmless) those things are? That aside, CA is more dog-friendly than most states I've been to.

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    I kniw this posy is old but try Mosswood Park in Oakland. It has a dog area that is fenced

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    they have special parks for dogs all over the bay area...

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    Who knows why California does any of the things it does

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    It's backwards

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