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A 30 year-old guy and 20-year old girl

Is it possible for a 30-year-old tutor to fall in love with his student who is only 20 years old? Suppose the teacher is single.

Please don't just say yes or no. Please do elaborate.

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    Surely, there is no problem, here in the world ,gave you example a lot of. if you have no any problem of financial, disease ,any more... why do you drawback ,girl???

    or your affraid cz of your family throught about you ,relationship with "the 30 man" ? there is a best way, that you got to have sunday-lunch with your family and your 30 man(or the girl). (if the man have a sufficient finanial-sourse,there shall be more easy to get "their mind" ,got , it?

    GO AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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