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很急~!!!中文翻譯英文~~~~~拜託 禁翻譯機 贈20點





禁翻譯機!! 禁翻譯機 OK!?


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    the following is the content of the questions:

    according to the result of the survey shown, there were total of 600 peices handed out and 559 of them were valid. the result of the survey shown monthly spending under $1000 takes a majority of 52.94%; monthly spending of $5000 and above were only 1.24%. as we can see that students' ability to shop are interdepended with their fiancial status. the majority of students ususally buy themselves new clothes every 1~3 months, whereas only a few takes more than half an year to buy, and within that males are the majority.

    nowadays students have many styles of how to dress. from the research shown, our school's girls mostly like to dress in a style of cute and sweet, and boys like more of those dress in sporty styles than this. due to the society changes, appearance becomes a necessity to life, average people spends on outer appearance is about 30 minutes, from this we can see the frustrated wearings still won't affect the time to making oneself look good. but there are still some who don't really dress to impress, which is about 1.35% of college male population.

    Controversially in life, where there are girls who dresses in fashion, there must be those who dresses out of fashion. 53.3% of most students think that girls that know how to dress will influence thier friends. especially nowadays the society often judge by only first impression. the research has shown that 63.86% of our sutdents think better appearance can better the people relations, and 42.04% of them were females.


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    The following is the question:

    According to the findings of the survey, a total of 600, 559 valid questionnaires were for. From the survey results in spending a month in less than 1,000 yuan accounted for 52.94 percent; and has spent 5,000 yuan on a small number accounted for only 1.24 percent. This shows that students with the purchase or its related economic conditions. The vast majority of students usually 1 to 3 months or so to buy new clothes for themselves, more than half a year for their own account for a small number of Tim's clothing, which accounted for most of the boys. Now many students dress style, from the findings that female university students are like a sweet and lovely style, while boys and girls who like to wear sports-style clothing. As the society becomes more attention to appearance, with an average spend a day dressed in the time generally within 30 minutes, the complex can be seen dressed up will not affect the speed, but there are still people who do not dress up, and only 1.25 % Of men. Living in the fashionable dress of the girls will be wearing is not a very good girls, most of the students that will dress up the girls would be affected as a friend's account for 53.3 percent, the present-day society, often the first impression of a person to come to a conclusion, From the survey found that 63.86 percent of our students are always dressed up to make friends, in which women are accounted for 42.04 percent.

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